The PMP (Project Management Professional) exam is considered to be quite hard. Anyone who would be aspiring for obtaining PMP certification would be required to be prepared for the exam. Accordingly, first-time test takers who are required to also be advised that the PMP exam that would be extremely difficult. Before we move on to the PMP Exam Preparation Difficulty, if you wish to ease up the preparation process, you should check out the training courses which are being offered at the SPOTO Club.

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PMP Exam Preparation Difficulty

Before taking the PMP exam, you would be required to pass an authoritatively endorsed 35-hour prep course that would be preparing you for both the practical and theoretical knowledge areas of the exam. The main reference text would be the PMBOK that would be containing the PMI’s project management standard.

Furthermore, the exam questions would be covering five domains which would be mentioned as follows: 

• Initiating

• Planning

• Monitor-Control

• Performing

• Closing a Project

In the PMI’s online Examination content outline, the exam which would be outlined is expressed as follows:

• 13% questions would be focusing on the domain Initiating

• 24% of questions would be focusing the domain Planning

• 31% of questions would be focusing the domain Executing

• 25% of questions would be focusing the domain Monitoring and Controlling

• 7% of questions would be focusing the domain Closing 25%

• The total Number of Scored Questions would be about 175 plus 25 unscored (pretest) questions

It would be recommended that you would be spending at least 60 additional hours learning for the exam, separately from the 35 hours in a PMP exam prep course. Additionally, further, hours are required to be dedicated to practice exam simulator questions. Accordingly, you would be testing yourself as well as preparing for the exam properly. Fundamentally, a good rule of thumb for considering yourself ready for the exam would be passing some uninterrupted full simulated exams with a 75-80% score.

What would be making the PMP Exam Difficult?

I personally would be putting a lot of effort into any exam prep. Nonetheless, I would have encountered lots and lots of difficulties as well as have found that it wasn’t easy for reaching the threshold. Hence, I also have lowered my threshold to 70% for four uninterrupted full simulated exams. Here are the difficulties which you could get into.

• Length of Materials

The first difficulty for me was the huge amount of material that you would have to go through. You would be willing to complete the PMBOK, and it might take you a lot of time. Unless, you opt for the study dumps, which are being offered at the SPOTO Club, which helped me a lot to get through this certification exam. Obviously, everything wouldn’t be covered on the exam, but if you go through the SPOTO Club’s PMP Certification Study Dumps, you would be able to ease up your success.

 The complexity of Exam Structure

The second difficulty which I faced was creating the mental structure of the PMBOK which would be in my mind. Truthfully, many exam questions that wouldn’t be answered utilizing only your personal logic or what the experience would be suggesting. Instead, you would be referring to the PMI’s standard.

• Difficulty of Questions

The third difficulty for me would be to clear the simulated exams. The questions would be quite often tricky as well as I made so many mistakes at the beginning that I would be really getting discouraged. It would be taking time to gain comfortable with how to read as well as answering the PMI questions. They would be purposely worded difficultly, so you would have to think through the concepts.

Is the New PMP Exam 2021 Hard?

The Project Management Institute (PMI) has announced that as of January 2nd, 2021, the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam will change to meet the need for a more diverse set of skills and approaches than ever before.

New PMP Exam Content Outline

Focus on three new main domains and their weight for the new PMP exam:


Percentage of Items on Test





Business Environment


The New Exam Consists of:

  • The new exam contains 180 questions (the previous exam comprises 200 questions)
  • 230 minutes to complete the exam
  • Online exams have one additional break and two 10-minute breaks in total. No breaks are scheduled for paper-based exams
  • Question will be multiple-choice, multiple responses, matching, hotspot, and limited fill-in-the-blank types of questions.

You can Pass the PMP Exam on the First Try.

No matter how difficult the PMP exam is and how the PMP exam changes, as long as you use the SPOTO PMP Exam Dump to prepare for your exam carefully, you will definitely pass the exam fast.

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Last modified: November 12, 2021



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