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Since the introduction of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to the globe, technology has advanced dramatically in various ways. AWS services have become so popular that most businesses have not only adopted them but are completely reliant on them. It comes with a plethora of functions, making it quite popular. You’ll find some of the professions for AWS certified professionals and their pay in various areas of the world in our blog about AWS Solutions Architect Salary.

AWS certified professionals’ wages vary depending on the firm they work for, the position level, the organization’s geographic location, skillset, experience, and other factors. As an AWS certified professional, your income will rise as you get more used to your duties, regardless of your work description.

What is an AWS Solutions Architect?

AWS Solutions Architects work on the fundamental concept of AWS solutions. They collaborate with a company’s development department to ensure that their technological solutions and choices align with the company’s goals and vision. This is why, to succeed in this field, these experts must possess the necessary commercial acumen.

The following are some of their tasks in an organization:

  • Plan the company’s cloud services adoption process.
  • Cloud platforms should be managed and monitored.
  • Create and maintain cloud-based apps.
  • Use Python, C++, Java, and JavaScript to create applications.
  • Safeguard the company’s information.
  • Create and deploy needed apps using Chef, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, and other AWS environment technologies.

Let’s look at the positions available for AWS certified experts before we get into the wage trends for AWS Solutions Architects.

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The Top 10 AWS Certified Positions

There are a variety of jobs that you may apply for depending on your skillset and qualification. The top ten occupations that recruiters are seeking are shown below:

  1. Cloud Architect at AWS
  2. Administrator of SysOps
  3. Developer for the Cloud
  4. Cloud Purchase and Sales Manager
  5. Engineer for DevOps in the Cloud
  6. Cloud Administrator
  7. Engineer for Cloud Software
  8. AWS Networking Expert
  9. System Integrator for Amazon Web Services
  10. Specialist in AWS Big Data

Finally, after you’ve gathered enough background knowledge, you’ll see wages for AWS experts in various areas of the world in their respective sub-fields.

Salary Trends for AWS Solutions Architects

Professionals that work for Amazon Web Services are among the highest-paid cloud workers today. More and more businesses are hiring these specialists, resulting in millions of employment openings. Without a doubt, one of the reasons they earn so much is because of their abilities. Another reason for this is that these experts are in high demand, and there aren’t enough to meet it.

Let’s talk about how much AWS experts make based on their job titles.

Associate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Salary

According to PayScale, the average annual pay for an entry-level AWS Solutions Architect is US$114,350.

Professional Salary for an AWS Certified Solutions Architect

The average compensation for an AWS Senior Solutions Architect is $131,960 per year.

Salary for AWS Solutions Architect Associate in different countries

Salary for an AWS Solutions Architect Associate in the United Kingdom

AWS Solutions Architect Associates earn an average of £75,088 per year in the United Kingdom. Their annual pay ranges from £53,000 to £100,000 per year.

Salary of an AWS Certified Solutions Architect in Canada

A Solutions Architect’s annual pay in Canada is around CA$112,961. Their yearly earnings in Canada might vary from CA$82,000 to CA$155,000.

Salary of an AWS Solutions Architect in Germany

Solutions Architects in Germany earn an average of €66,501 per year. However, AWS experts in this nation may expect to earn between €55,000 and €88,000 per year.

Salary of an AWS Solutions Architect in Malaysia

Solutions Architects in Malaysia make around RM112,075 per year on average. The yearly compensation for this position might range from RM72,000 and RM280,000.

Salary of an AWS Solutions Architect in Singapore

In Singapore, AWS Solutions Architects earn an average of S$95,196 per year. Depending on the firm they work for and their degree of expertise, they might take anywhere from S$62,000 and S$121,000 each year.

Salary of an AWS Solutions Architect in Australia

In Australia, an AWS Certified Solutions Architect makes an average of AU$116,449 per year. This sum might range from AU$86,000 to AU$137,000 each year, depending on the aforementioned criteria.

Salary of an AWS Certified Solutions Architect in the United States

AWS Solutions Architects in the United States make an average of US$114,350 per year. The wages for these specialists range from $94,000 to $148,000 per year.

You’ll also discover about the wages received by AWS Certified Solutions Architects at some of the country’s most prestigious companies, according to LinkedIn data.

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Salary Ranges for AWS Certified Solutions Architects at the Top 5 US Companies

  • Amazon pays $95,000 to $174,000 per year.
  • US$79,000-164,000 per year at Accenture
  • Slalom: $80,000 to $169,000 per year
  • Capital One Financial Corporation: $95,000 to $152,000 per year
  • US$73,000-153,000 per year at Booz, Allen, and Hamilton

Become an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solutions Architect.

You must pass both the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate and AWS Solutions Architect – Professional certification examinations to enter this field and become a qualified AWS Solutions Architect. By participating in our solution architect training program, you will be able to study for and pass these exams. This article on AWS Solutions Architect Salary in 2024 has given you a general idea of the salary ranges earned by Solution Architects with expert abilities in AWS, depending on a variety of criteria. So, what do you have to lose? Get a head start on your career by becoming a Cloud Computing specialist now.

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