PMP exam would be regarded as a tough exam by nearly every successful PMP. There would be lots of reasons for this, which would be ranging from a short time to lengthy questions, but one of the most common reasons would be that there are lots of different types of problems in the exam and it would be tiring for preparing and answering all of these types of question.

One of the common types of questions in the PMP exam would be the quantitative questions or questions needing calculations. Typically PMP exam would be containing only 9 to 13 calculation questions, which would be translating to around 4 to 6% only. All of these calculation questions would be necessitates some form of the formula for solving them, which bothers lots of people. They think they would have to memorize lots of recipes of a clearing pass the exam, which isn’t true. In-fact you would have to learn only 10 to 15 formulas to answer all the calculation questions appropriately. Before we discuss more the PMP calculation based issues, you should opt for the training courses offered by the SPOTO Club, to ensure your success.

PMP essential formulas list:
For the PMP exam, you must know how to correctly answer questions with formulas about earned value, procurement, communications, probability, project selection, network diagrams, depreciation, and some mathematical basics. You would have also known a lot of acronyms.

Below mentioned is a list with the types of questions you could expect:

Applying one formula: These would be straightforward questions where you would be given values and are expected to use the correct method.

Applying two modes: In these questions, you would be gaining a set of values and asked to calculate a result. At first, these might look as if you could apply one formula. But as you are using this first formula, you would be suddenly realizing that one value is missing. This missing value must then be primary would be required to be calculated via a second formula.

Inverting an equation: These questions would be testing your ability to take a basic recipe and altering it. For instance, instead of asking 5+4=? the problem would be 5+?=9, and it is going to be your job to overturn the formula and determine 9-5=4.

Result interpretation: In these types of items, you would be given a result and asked to interpret it. You might have to answer it about what does this result means for the project?

Finding the correct formula: For these types of questions, you would be given a scenario and various methods as options. Your task would be to select the method which best applies to the given situation.

Utilizing a method based on keywords: There would be more than one way to calculate earned value results. Which method would be used depending on the progression or health of your project? These would be scenario-based questions that could contain specific keywords. It would be best if you recognize these keywords and applying the correct formula.

The calculation questions bother lots of PMP aspirants, and mainly those who would be slow in memorizing are most bothered by such problems. You could still clear the exam if you don’t remember any formula, or all of your calculation questions might go wrong. Therefore, don’t get too bothered by calculation questions while preparing and focusing on more important things. If you wish to gain more information regarding the PMP Exam Questions and if you want to clear the PMP exam in a single attempt, you should obtain the study dumps offered at the SPOTO Club.

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Last modified: November 5, 2021



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