Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam

PMP represents project management professionals. This certificate, provided by the Project Management Association (PMI), is recognized as a professional standard in the project management industry worldwide. PMP certification exams usually require training and preparation for the most experienced project managers.

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PMP® Practice Questions
1.A project manager is following the risk management plan for a US$200,000 project. One of the risks raised in the plan has materialized, and the project manager implements the plan as outlined. However, they are concerned that some outcomes have not been considered. What should the project manager do?

A.Escalate the issue to the stakeholders for a decision
B.Use expert judgment to obtain other perspectives
C.Employ brainstorming techniques to choose a solution
D.Perform a sensitivity analysis to understand the outcome of the risk response

2. Advances in technology create an organizational need to improve a product line’s specifications to stay ahead of competitors. However, the budget for this financial year is already under significant strain, leaving very little funding available for new projects.
What should the project manager do?

A.Wait for the new financial year to make any changes in product advancements
B.Perform a cost-benefit analysis of the business case to illustrate the benefits of implementing the project
C.Calculate the ROI to decide if it makes sense to proceed with the project
D.Calculate the expected monetary value (EMV) to make necessary recommendations to the organization

3. At the end of an iteration, a team member tells the project manager that a planned task is unfinished because of an issue that appeared days ago but was unable to be resolved. What should the project manager do to prevent this type of situation in the future?

A.Discuss the issue during the retrospective
B.Address the issue in the demo
C.Discuss the issue during the next iteration planning meeting
D.Review the issue in the next daily standup meeting

4. During testing, a team member escalates a quality defect to the project manager. While brainstorming with the team, the project manager realizes there is more than one cause of the problem.
What should the project manager use to identify the primary cause?

A.Scatter diagram
B.Statistical sampling
C.Ishikawa diagram
D.Qualitative risk analysis

5. During project execution, the client renegotiates pricing due to a downward industry trend and falling prices for their product. This results in a decrease in the project’s budget. The project manager determines that business processes followed in similar projects must be dramatically improved for the success of this one. What should the project manager do to identify areas of improvement?

A.Examine the risk reports
B.Review the lessons learned
C.Use the Lean Six Sigma method
D.Perform a cost-benefit analysis

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PMP Certification Benefits
  • Builds core project management skills
  • Provides a structured framework for how to manage projects
  • Gives you professional clout in the project management industry
  • Opens the door to career opportunities
  • Increases your potential for a raise and/or promotion
  • 82% of project managers surveyed have a PMP certification.
  • Globally, PMP-certified survey respondents earn 23% higher median salaries on average than those without PMP certification.
  • Median salary steadily grows the longer you hold a PMP certification
1.The bottom line: Is PMP certification worth it?

Only you can determine if PMP certification is right for you. It really depends on the organization you work for and the value and structure they place on project management.
Here’s how we look at it: If you have the means to make PMP certification happen, go for it! Learning is learning, and it can only help you grow in your professional career. Just make sure you keep an open mind and stay flexible enough to adapt to the project situation at hand.

2.Why get PMP-certified?

One big question looms large in a lot of project manager minds: Is PMP certification worth it? Let’s start by breaking down the benefits of PMP certification.

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