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The Project Management Institute (PMI) reported this change in 2019 and intended to start new tests in July 2020. In light of the progress of the COVID-19 pandemic, PMI has postponed the test changes to January 2023. This will make the extra time required for PMP ® competitors to prepare assets and plan tests critical.

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Five critical changes that aspiring people in PMP should be aware of

The new PMP test contains many different components from the past. Here, you will be more familiar with the various categories of changes.

1) Exam scope

The successful new PMP test design from January 2, 2023, will be based on three spaces-personnel, process, and business environment. The old PMP test depends on five areas: start, plan, execute, monitor and control, and close. This table compares the classes and their particular focus of the new and old PMP test designs.

2) Test questions from agile and hybrid methods

In the new PMP test, half of the test queries come from agile and hybrid philosophy. Although no authoritative person has disclosed the comparable exchange rate tested by the old PMP, on the whole, the exchange rate is almost lower.

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3) Official courseware of PMP exam

Since the PMP creation in 1984, the Project Management Institute (PMI) has never announced any records as the final prepared assets for PMP evaluation. Therefore, the control of the project management knowledge system (PMBOK®) makes it critical for PMP hopers. Since the real PMP exam contains the content after this guide, many creators have distributed research materials to solve all the problems.

Extend to 2020. The Institute of Project Management has released authoritative courseware for PMP testing. This is a supplement to the authoritative preparation content and consistent with the design drawing of the test content. This eliminates PMP’s usual worries about authorized preparation of assets.

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4) Approved training provider (ATP) plan

This is a significant change for applicants who wish to take self-study courses to read and work hard to take the PMP test. PMI announced that it would only be the sole supplier of the rhythm course, and the teachers are trying their best to prepare the course from ATP.
No matter how small talk’s content makes the situation more obscure, these are two choices for PMP followers. Another significant change that accompanies this is the expansion of the Compulsory Trainer (TTT) program. Educators should pass the TTT program to obtain qualifications to encourage participation in PMP preparation courses.

5) Coordination

You may have just discovered these changes. Their meaning caused them to collapse. The ongoing changes regarding application cycle and test accessibility are as follows:

i) Currently, application interactions are more direct and undeniably tedious.

ii) Given the COVID-19 pandemic, PMI has chosen to allow commissioned PMP testing on the Internet, and competitors can get comfort from their own homes effortlessly.

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