PMP Certification:

PMP or popularly known as the Project Management Professional Certification from PMI is an industry acknowledged certificate for project managers. PMP would be considered proof that a particular employee would experience skill, education, and proficiency in essential leadership skills for directing any projects. PMP would be again the most required certification, which would be directed by the PMI (Project Management Institute), which is based in the USA.

PRINCE2 Certification:

PRINCE2 is the contraction for Project in Controlled Environment. This is considered to be the process-based project management method. PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner would be focusing primarily on business validation, outlining the structure of an association for the project management team, and utilizing a project-based approach. Now, both of these certifications are considered to be much in demand in the present market. But still, we would be looking forward to seeing specific points by which you would be able to differentiate and compare these two certifications.

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PRINCE2 and PMP Demand Worldwide

While finalizing for any certification, the candidates must do overall research about the global demand for that certification. This would be because the current corporate market isn’t limited to one country and keeps that point in mind; understanding the worldwide recognition and preference of PMP and PRINCE2 is imperative.

Country 1st Preference Country 1st Preference
Australia PRINCE2 Africa PRINCE2/PMP
Europe PRINCE2 Other Regions PRINCE2/PMP

PMP Certified Salary vs. PRINCE2 Certified Salary – Overview

Salary Projections of PMP and PRINCE2 certified professionals are considered to be the significant thing that lots of industry professionals looking for along with their flourishing careers are their wealthy bank balance. From many popular surveys about the salaries of project managers, it would have been seen that project managers’ salary would be climbing day by day across lots of countries.

A country such as America alone has the average annual salary of a certified PMP is about $112,000 per annum. It is considered evidence that the certified candidate would be earning you more than the non-certified employee. Hence, whether you would be a PRINCE2 professional or a PMP professional, you will have a higher salary than other competitors from the market.

PMP or PRINCE2 – Which one is better?

Well, the correct answer to this question is going to be dependent on your experience and interest. As discussed above, both PMP and PRINCE 2 would be the best project management courses. All the required details about both certifications are considered to be briefed here. The PRINCE2 course would be having a qualification approach – get qualified and then practice. Whereas PMP needs a ton of experience and training pre-essentials, the methodology there is practice and then get qualified.

PMP Certification: It would be all around accredited and perceived project management training. It would also be known for its exam sturdiness with a near million affirmed experts. It would be generally looked at as project management certification for aspirants and experienced.

PRINCE2 Certification: It is believed to be widely recognized all across the world. However, it would be ultimately more in the UK as well as UK based associations. It would be providing two degrees of certification. One is the PRINCE2 Foundation, and the other would be the PRINCE2 practitioner. The PRINCE2 foundation has a passing pace of 97% as well as the practitioner is 73%. The PRINCE2 credential is helpful progressively if you would be working in associations of the UK based.

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