If you intend to use your own PMP certificate for project management, then due to the requirements, this seems to be a difficult task. A person with this certificate is considered a skilled project manager with all the necessary qualifications, including relevant certificates and appropriate training.

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PMP certification and training requirements

PMP certificate has two requirements:

1. 35 hours of project management education
2. Designated experience hours

PMP certification training courses can help you meet the requirements of 35 hours of project management education, including 36 hours of training guided by instructors and 29 hours of e-learning content. The course will also prepare you for the exam through six hands-on projects and seven mock test papers. You will get all the preparation and confidence needed to overcome the exam and acquire the PMP certification.

In addition to completing the required education and passing the exam, you also need to have two to four years of project management experience. Depending on your formal education level, PMP will require a certain number of experience hours. With a four-year degree, you will need to provide 4,500 hours of mentoring and leadership projects, while without a four-year degree, you will need 7,500 hours and 35 hours of education.

It takes 4,500 hours for a person with a four-year degree to spend about two and a half full-time jobs in the field. If you don’t have a degree and need 7,500 hours of experience, you will need to work full-time in the area for approximately four years.
Positions that provide you with project management experience

If you are looking for new job opportunities or changing careers, certain positions require project management responsibilities without the project manager’s title.

Consider the following roles:

Personal assistant

Personal assistants are considered organizational experts. You will hone organizational skills and time management, and you may have multiple small projects that require correct project management tasks and responsibilities.

Event organizer

Event organizers do a lot of coordination and planning, like project managers. Each event will have similar characteristics to the project. Activities have a beginning and an end, budget, scope, and need to be coordinated to become a reality.

Office administrator or manager

Both roles have different sets of responsibilities, most of which are very valuable to project managers. This role will require organizational skills, excellent communication skills, and the ability to plan and execute larger tasks. Like the other roles mentioned here, you might lead small projects that require project management skills.

Training coordinator

The training coordinator will benefit from being part of a large-scale project and content managed by yourself. In large projects, training is usually an integral part of allowing candidates to participate in the project. The training plan or the task of developing a department or group can be regarded as a project, which requires similar skills as a project manager.

It is not that you have acquired the knowledge about the experience requirements of PMP certification. You must expect to receive it. If so, you should choose the PMP mock exam, which you can find in the SPOTO PMP exam practice exam. The SPOTO PMP exam questions are the best for candidates who wish to succeed in their first attempt.

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