If you sincerely wish to have your career in managing projects, you would be asking yourself at some point. But many other people would find themselves in project leadership roles, without formal certification, and wonder whether it is considered an essential step for better project performance and career growth. Of course, PMP certification is a proof that you can do a good job in project management.

Who would require PMP Certification?

When the job market is quite competitive, having project management qualifications could help the candidates open doors for future opportunities. PMI’s Talent Gap Report would describe that there would be 41.5 million positions in project management by 2020, so there could be lots of future opportunities for those well-placed for taking superior jobs.

Certification could also be leading you to acquire a higher salary. Numerous studies would be reporting credential holders would be earning more than their peers who don’t have the PMP qualifications. If improving your salary is an essential aspect for you, it seems to pay for having the certificates listed on your resume. I would also say that being certified gives more confidence to some people to do their job. Having letters after your name or a certificate on the wall could help you out boost performance, especially if you are working with stakeholders who can be difficult.

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How Do You Get Certified?

The route to certification would be diverse for every qualification. PMI, for instance, expects you to fill in the form of a lengthy application. The thing most of them would be having in common is the exam. Exams strike fear in the heart of candidates. Several candidates would have perfectly competent at clearing the exam, with the best knowledge of the material and high results on their practice papers. But the exam room’s stress would be too much for them, and they didn’t perform to their best. Achieving your certification goals would also mean that both can apply and understand the theory well enough to get through the exam but mostly being able to get through the exam! You would have heard stories of people who would have forgotten to turn over the exam paper and missed out lots of questions, or failed to keep track of the time and rushed their answers in the last 10 minutes.

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Certification Trends

We would be seeing a trend in project management for working more flatly. By that, I mean that teams would be creating informal structures outside the standard hierarchy, and their companies might not even have formal hierarchies. While the traditional sponsor-project manager-team leader-team member structure is still considered prevalent in larger companies and more traditional industries, flexible requirements, digital tools, small teams, and agile methods would have changed that hierarchy in lots of places.

As a result, more people would be doing project work and other knowledge work without a formal credential. The demand for project management qualifications is considered to be quite superior. PMI reports in July’s PMI Today magazine that there would be over 660,000 PMP holders across the globe and nearly 29,000 PMP holders.

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