PMP is considered one of the more challenging project management exams. However, this will also be one of the most valuable and rewarding certifications that IT professionals seeking professional development can obtain. PMP has just received the ten highest-paying IT certifications for technical professionals from Robert Half. According to its 2020 technical salary guide, the median salary is $115,500.

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PMP difficulty:

Comparing the PMP with other exams can help you better understand the difficulty of the exam. It is best to compare the PMP with the other three project management exams: Certification in Project Management (CAPM), Project+, and Certified Assistant of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Foundation.

CAPM is considered another project management certification of PMI. CAPM will be a college-level certification. Therefore, compared with PMP exams, CAPM is less complicated. In other words, CAPM is to PMP what CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Association) is to CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Expert).

CompTIA Project+ is considered an entry-level project management certification, focusing on basic project management concepts. Project + certification will be aimed at individuals managing small and medium-sized tasks. In this range, the Project+ exam is considered much more comfortable than the CAPM exam and PMP exam.

ITIL Foundation certification is considered entirely different from CAPM, Project +, and PMP because it explicitly targets IT project management. This certification introduces the ITIL framework and focuses on creating value for customers and other stakeholders. As the ITIL Foundation exam’s focus and foundation are narrower, it is not as tricky as the PMP exam.

PMP seems to be more complicated than many other popular project management certificates.

From this perspective, PMP will also have a reasonably steep difficulty curve. The PMP exam ranks second among the ten most difficult IT certifications, second only to one of the most notorious CCIE (Cisco Certified Internet Expert) exams.

How to increase the chance of passing

Now that you understand the difficulties you may encounter with the PMP exam let’s take a look at how to increase the chance of clearing it in the first attempt.

PMBOK is considered to be the authoritative source of information about PMI project management. A thorough review and understanding of PMBOK can help you gain insight into the concepts and principles covered by the exam.

Registering for PMP learning courses from well-known providers such as SPOTO PMP exam dump will be an excellent way to ensure that your skills and knowledge reach the exam level. Online courses are considered a perfect way to complete learning on a fixed schedule.

Allocate enough study time. PMI recommends that candidates who pass the PMP exam spend an average of more than 35 hours of preparation time. Although this is considered a good standard, know that what works for you may vary from person to person. Ensuring you allocate enough time to understand these concepts can provide you with experience and a learning curve.

Now that you know the difficulty of PMP certification, you must seek a try. It seems complicated if you get a dump of the SPOTO PMP exam, and you can earn good results in one go.

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