IT enterprise risk management is considered to be a critical area that every well-established company must take seriously. This is considered to be especially true, considering that the sheer number and variety of threats and vulnerabilities are discovered almost daily. Successful IT enterprise risk management is going to require qualified as well as experienced professionals. ISACA’s CRISC is quite a high-level certification program that would be allowing professionals to build a greater understanding of the impact of IT risk and how it relates to organizations.

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Here are some tips to follow for achieving the right IT Certification:

1. Read ISACA’s Exam Candidate Information Guide First

The ISACA Exam Candidate Information Guide provides lots of practical information for the exam, including essential exam registration, deadlines, and critical candidate details for exam-day administration. It even has valuable information such as the exam domains, the number of exam questions, its length, and the languages available. No candidate should take the CRISC exam devoid of reading this guide.

2. Choose the Right Resources

Begin preparing for your exam by checking ISACA’s official CRISC Exam Resources and reading the CRISC Review Manual. As most candidates that have successfully earned this certification would tell you, it is required to read. The manual is considered to be available in hardcopy as well as e-book format. It would be divided according to CRISC’s four job practice areas: IT risk identification, IT risk assessment, risk response, mitigation and risk, and control monitoring and reporting. Candidates utilizing the CRISC Review Manual could ensure one thing. The answer to each question on the actual exam would be somewhere around these pages.

3. Practice Makes Perfect
While the review manual is an excellent stand-alone document for the test takers or even in-class training review courses, it isn’t advisable to consider it as your base of entire preparation solely on the manual. A sound approach would be to amalgamate the review manual with the CRISC Review Questions, Answers & Explanations, also obtainable in ISACA’s official CRISC Exam Resources.

4. Becoming One With the CRISC Community
The CRISC Exam Study Community is considered the best place to gain the involvement with other candidates and share study methods, information about study resources, and what to expect the day of the exam. As usual, it is considered to be quite crucial for verifying the credibility of any source you are utilizing, including your chosen CRISC online community. For Example, suppose you are looking forward to a formal definition of a concept covered in the exam. In that case, the best approach utilizes official material, e.g., guidelines, books, and other official publications.

5. Never Rely on Personal Experience
Since the CRISC would be designed for experienced professionals, candidates would be expected to have experience with IT risk and control. While in a real situation, your personal experience would be playing a significant role whenever making a critical decision, relying on it over during the CRISC exam could lead to failure. One of the most important steps throughout your exam preparation would be learning how ISACA thinks, how they would be asking questions, and how those questions would be worded.

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