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How difficult is the AZ-900?

The Azure Fundamentals certification is for IT and non-technical workers who want to confirm their core understanding and knowledge of cloud services, especially those provided by Microsoft Azure.
Because cloud computing is quickly gaining traction in enterprise infrastructure, demonstrating Microsoft certification Azure fundamentals is a wise career move. Whether you want to be a cloud developer, a corporate decision-maker, or in sales and marketing, we can help.
If you’re considering taking the AZ-900 exam, you should consider your plan and how the certification will help you advance in your career. You’ve undoubtedly got a lot of queries. Do I have enough AZ-900 experience? How many hours should I devote to studying? And what kind of questions might you expect in the exam? What is the difficulty level of the AZ-900 exam?
Let’s go over the specifics before talking about the AZ-900 Micorosoft Azure Fundamentals certification exam’s difficulty level.

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What is the purpose of the AZ-900 Exam?

The AZ-900 exam assesses a candidate’s knowledge of cloud principles, basic Azure services, security, privacy, compliance, and trust, as well as Azure pricing and support.
Scalability, elasticity, and IaaS vs. PaaS are among the topics covered in this exam. You must also be able to recognize and comprehend Azure-specific technologies such as Azure IoT Hub, Azure Machine Learning, and Azure SQL DB. You can get a list of exam subjects here.
The exam is $99 USD, comprises 40 to 60 questions, and a time limit of 85 minutes. 700 points, or nearly 70%, is considered a passing score.
The AZ-900 test serves as a springboard for a range of cloud-based positions and certifications. It’s intended to lay the groundwork for professionals who want to work in the cloud.
Professionals who pass more specialised associate-level certifications, such as AZ-103 for Azure Administrator or AZ-203 for Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure, can branch out into a variety of professions. Professionals can eventually get expert-level certifications by passing examinations like the AZ-300, Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies

The core skills assessed in the AZ-900 exam are broken down into three key areas. The first is the ability to describe cloud concepts, which comprises 25-30% of the exam. This includes the foundational principles of cloud computing, such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS), as well as cloud deployment and service models.

The second area, representing 35-40% of the exam, tests the candidate’s understanding of Azure architecture and services. This includes knowledge of core Azure services like Azure Compute, Azure Storage, and Azure Networking, among others.

Lastly, the exam measures competence in Azure management and governance, making up 30-35% of the exam. Here, candidates must understand Azure’s administration tools, resource groups, and Azure policies.

How difficult is AZ-900?

In comparison to other IT tests, the AZ-900 is a very straightforward entry-level exam designed for nontechnical workers. But don’t expect a stroll through the park. You’ll need a thorough study plan to pass, and the material can be complex if you’re new to cloud technology – even if you have IT experience.
Nonetheless, according to Perth Ngarmtrakulchol, the AZ-900 exam can be passed in three days of full-time Microsoft Azure learning, which is much less time than other IT certification exams. Other professionals, such as Shane Bartholomeusz, studied the material for a month before passing the exam. The prevailing belief is that it will take between a week and two weeks.
The AZ-900 test examines cloud computing expertise at a high level. Instead of being asked to provide or identify a command, you can be asked why it is used. It doesn’t become very difficult in terms of technical knowledge, but it will test your overall comprehension of the Azure platform.

Passing the AZ-900 Exam

Although Microsoft provides free Microsoft training materials, it’s difficult to replicate the in-depth and personalized experience that comes with instructor-led Microsoft Azure training like SPOTO.
You must understand how to relocate an Azure virtual machine between subscriptions. Network Security Group and Azure Advisor are both important concepts to grasp. Recognize the differences between IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS and be able to name them.
Take practice exams to test your knowledge once you’ve mastered the subject. This will not only show you where you need to improve, but it will also help you gain confidence for exam day. You’re probably ready for the examination if you frequently score 80 percent or higher on practice exams. However, to be cautious, we propose a percentage of 90% or above.
Spending time on the Azure platform is another excellent option. Sign up for a free trial and have a look around. Examine the many tools and services available. The finest teacher is experience, and having this frame of reference on test day might help a lot.

Although the AZ-900 exam is not a prerequisite for other Azure certifications, it serves as a solid foundation for other Azure role-based or specialty certifications.

Exam Preparation Resources

The comprehensive preparation for Microsoft Azure Administrator certification (AZ-104) exam can be quite challenging. Fortunately, a plethora of resources are available that can effectively assist in your preparation journey.

  • Official Microsoft resources: these include the exam study guide, which provides an in-depth outline of the areas covered in the exam, and the Exam Readiness Zone, a place specifically designed to aid exam preparation. Additionally, there’s a self-paced training offered by Microsoft Learn, ideal for those who prefer studying at their own pace. For a more interactive learning experience, consider enrolling in the instructor-led training Course AZ-104. Taking the Microsoft Official Practice Test AZ-104 is also highly recommended. It offers a realistic simulation of the exam environment and can significantly enhance your understanding of the exam structure.
    An alternative to Microsoft’s resources is the AZ-900
  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam Prep 2024 course offered by Udemy. This course comprehensively covers the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure and is an excellent primer for the AZ-104 exam.

Here are additional resources that could support your preparation for the AZ-104 exam:

Books: “Exam Ref AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator” by Harshul Patel is a highly recommended book, well-structured and covering all the necessary exam objectives.

Blogs and Forums: Community-driven platforms like Stack Overflow and the Microsoft Azure forums are excellent sources of practical, real-world insights and troubleshooting.

YouTube: Several experienced professionals and educators share tutorials and walkthroughs on Azure services. Channels like “Azure Academy” could be valuable.

Pluralsight: Offers a wide range of Azure-related courses, including a learning path specifically dedicated to preparing for the AZ-104 exam.

GitHub: Find repositories with ARM templates and scripts for hands-on practice. Microsoft’s own Azure Quickstart Templates is a good start.

FreeCodeCamp: They have an extensive, free, 10-hour course on YouTube covering Azure fundamentals.

Tips and Strategies For Preparing and Passing the AZ-900 Exam

The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) examination is designed to validate your foundational knowledge of cloud concepts, Azure services, workloads, security, privacy, pricing, and support. Here are some tips and strategies to help you prepare for the exam:

  • Understand the exam structure: Familiarize yourself with the exam objectives, which are usually categorized into sections like understanding cloud concepts, Azure services, security, and compliance.
  • Use Microsoft Learn: Microsoft provides an interactive online learning platform with modules that align with the AZ-900 exam objectives. Use this resource to gain in-depth knowledge.
  • Hands-on experience: Azure offers a free trial that you can use for gaining practical experience. Utilize this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the Azure environment and its services.
  • Review study materials: Besides Microsoft Learn, consider other study resources like exam dumps, books, and video tutorials from trusted sources.
  • Practice exams: Practice tests are essential to understand the kind of questions asked in the actual exam. They help in time management and allow you to gauge your preparedness level.

Comparison of AZ-900 With Other Cloud Certifications

While Microsoft’s AZ-900 has its place in the market, there are other certifications available as well. AZ-900 exam tests understanding of cloud services (like IaaS, PaaS), core Azure services (like VMs, containers, and databases), Azure core solutions, management tools, and basic security protocols.

The price range of AZ-900 is $99.

Here are some other options:
AWS Solutions Architect – Associate ($150)
This certification demonstrates proficiency in deploying, managing, and using various services on AWS, the current leader in cloud services.

Key skills tested include computing, networking, storage, and database services on AWS, architectural principles, and understanding global AWS infrastructure.
Google Associate Cloud Engineer ($125)
Validates competency in handling basic aspects of the Google Cloud platform.

Exam topics include setting up a cloud solution environment, managing storage and databases, configuring access and security, and managing a virtual machine.
IBM Certified Technical Advocate – Cloud v3 ($200)
Suitable for professionals using IBM Cloud, this certification showcases an understanding of IBM Cloud components and architectural principles.

Subjects tested include an understanding of cloud concepts, IBM Cloud components, architectural principles and patterns, and networking and security.

The right certification depends on your career aspirations and the specific cloud platform you aim to specialize. While Azure leads the market, AWS, Google Cloud and IBM also offer robust certifications. Each certification tests a variety of skills, from core cloud services to deployment and security, and comes at different price points. Choose based on your preferred platform, career goals, and budget.

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Last modified: June 26, 2023



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