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We recommend that you take the SY0-501 if you have already spent time and money studying for the Security+ SY0-501. However, if you haven’t begun studying for any version of the Security+ certification, we recommend taking the newer Security+ SY0-601.

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Question 1
The IT department at a university is concerned about professors placing servers on the university network in an attempt to bypass security controls. Which of the following BEST represents this type of threat?
A. A script kiddie
B. Shadow IT
C. Hacktivism
D. White-hat

Answer : B

Question 2
A commercial cyber-threat intelligence organization observes IoCs across a variety of unrelated customers. Prior to releasing specific threat intelligence to other paid subscribers, the organization is MOST likely obligated by contracts to:
A. perform attribution to specific APTs and nation-state actors.
B. anonymize any PII that is observed within the IoC data.
C. add metadata to track the utilization of threat intelligence reports.
D. assist companies with impact assessments based on the observed data.

Answer : B

Question 3
While checking logs, a security engineer notices a number of end users suddenly downloading files with the .tar.gz extension. Closer examination of the files reveals they are PE32 files. The end users state they did not initiate any of the downloads. Further investigation reveals the end users all clicked on an external email containing an infected MHT file with an href link a week prior. Which of the following is MOST likely occurring?
A. A RAT was installed and is transferring additional exploit tools.
B. The workstations are beaconing to a command-and-control server.
C. A logic bomb was executed and is responsible for the data transfers.
D. A fireless virus is spreading in the local network environment.

Answer : A

Question 4
An organization is developing a plan in the event of a complete loss of critical systems and data. Which of the following plans is the organization MOST likely developing?
A. Incident response
B. Communications
C. Disaster recovery
D. Data retention

Answer : C

Question 5
Which of the following is the purpose of a risk register?
A. To define the level or risk using probability and likelihood
B. To register the risk with the required regulatory agencies
C. To identify the risk, the risk owner, and the risk measures
D. To formally log the type of risk mitigation strategy the organization is using

Answer : C


Question 6
A university with remote campuses, which all use different service providers, loses Internet connectivity across all locations. After a few minutes, Internet and VoIP services are restored, only to go offline again at random intervals, typically within four minutes of services being restored. Outages continue throughout the day, impacting all inbound and outbound connections and services. Services that are limited to the local LAN or WiFi network are not impacted, but all WAN and VoIP services are affected.
Later that day, the edge-router manufacturer releases a CVE outlining the ability of an attacker to exploit the SIP protocol handling on devices, leading to resource exhaustion and system reloads. Which of the following BEST describe this type of attack? (Choose two.)
A. DoS
B. SSL stripping
C. Memory leak
D. Race condition
E. Shimming
F. Refactoring

Answer : AD

Question 7
A company recently set up an e-commerce portal to sell its product online. The company wants to start accepting credit cards for payment, which requires compliance with a security standard. Which of the following standards must the company comply with before accepting credit cards on its e-commerce platform?
B. ISO 22301
C. ISO 27001

Answer : A

Question 8
Which of the following BEST describes a security exploit for which a vendor patch is not readily available?
A. Integer overflow
B. Zero-day
C. End of life
D. Race condition

Answer : B

Question 9
The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of an insurance company received an email from Ann, the companyג€™s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), requesting a transfer of
$10,000 to an account. The email states Ann is on vacation and has lost her purse, containing cash and credit cards. Which of the following social-engineering techniques is the attacker using?
A. Phishing
B. Whaling
C. Typo squatting
D. Pharming

Answer : B

Question 10
An organization wants to implement a third factor to an existing multifactor authentication. The organization already uses a smart card and password. Which of the following would meet the organizationג€™s needs for a third factor?
A. Date of birth
B. Fingerprints

Answer : B

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