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CWNA may be the most valuable and useful wireless network credential for administrators, due to its vendor-independent wireless technology approach. CWNA exam contains 60 multiple-choice questions, lasts for 90 minutes, and its passing score is 70 percent required; instructor candidates must earn 80 percent.

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1.An RF signal sometimes bends as it passes through some material other than free space. What is the term that describes this behavior?

A. Reflection

B. Refraction

C. Scattering

D. Warping

Answer: B

2.What can an impedance mismatch in the RF cables and connectors cause?

A. Fewer MCS values in the MCS table

B. Excessive VSWR

C. The increased amplitude of the RF signal

D. Increased range of the RF signal

Answer: B

3.What factor does not influence the distance at which an RF signal can be effectively received?

A. Free Space Path Loss

B. Receiving station’s radiosensitivity

C. Transmitting station’s output power

D. Receiving station’s output power

Answer: D

4.A WLAN transmitter that emits a 50 mW signal is connected to a cable with 3 dB loss. If the line is connected to an antenna with 9dBi gain, what is the EIRP at the antenna element?

A. 23 dBm

B. 26 dBm

C. 13 dBm

D. 10 dBm

Answer: A


CONVERT 50mW = 17dB

(17dB) -3dB + 9dB = 23 dBm

5.In a long-distance RF link, which statement about Fade Margin is true?

A. The Fade Margin is a measurement of signal loss through free space and a frequency and distance function.

B. The Fade Margin of a long-distance radio link should be equivalent to the receiver’s low noise filter gain.

C. A Fade Margin is unnecessary on a long-distance RF link if more than 80% of the first Fresnel zone is clear of obstructions.

D. Fade Margin is an additional pad of signal strength designed into the RF system to compensate for unpredictable signal fading.

Answer: D

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