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Both PMP, as well as the PMI-ACP certification, are recognized globally as professional certificates. The decision would be indicating an essential shift in your career aspiration and direction. While the final decision should come from you, I would share a few pointers to help you in the process of this article. Whether you choose any of this certification, you must acquire the SPOTO Exam Dumps to get your best chance at it. 

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As a PMP certified manager, your roles would permit you to:

  • Strategy Implementation: You are required to understand and awareness of strategic goals. It would help if you gained the project goals linked with organizational strategies. To deliver a successful project, you are required to a deep understanding of the business’s strategic requirements. 
  • Leader: While having responsibility for the project, you also require owning the capability to direct and lead projects. For a successful project, both leadership skills and project management complement each other. So, as a project manager, you would also be responsible for integrating leadership skills with project management skills.
  • Control: Controlling and regulating all the aspects of the project for its sustenance. You must oversee all metrics and tasks to make sure the project is within scope, on time, and within budget. Constant controlling and monitoring bring a minimal risk to the project as well as vital for its success.
  • Developing and Managing Team: You must improve and track team skills, collaboration, and competencies. Here, the goal is considered for enhancing project performance within the allotted budget and schedule.
  • Apply Knowledge: You have to come up with enough experience and knowledge of a specific methodology required for the project at hand.

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As a PMP certified manager, your roles would permit you to:

  • Understanding Agile: Candidates are required for an understanding of agile methods and concepts. And to bring agility to your projects, you are required to commit to the correct choice of practices, values, and behaviors.
  • Agile Practices: Working with project teams devised for agile practices, which would include lots of approaches such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, XP, as well as TDD.
  • Management: You should strive to achieve lean management for continuous improvements and for cutting or revising out steps that don’t create value
  • Have Proficiency: Agility requires the correct response to the changing project needs. You are required to be dexterous in utilizing the right mix of agile tools and techniques suited to the project.

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Fundamental Difference between PMP and PMI-ACP Certification:

PMP Certification PMI-ACP Certification
You would be responsible to monitor projects, but you don’t interact with the complete team. You would be leading the team and interacting with each team member on a regular basis.
You would be responsible for a look at results only, which is produced by the team; someone else ensuring that the team produces the result. You would be responsible for your team’s productivity. You are considered to be the one who observes the gaps and sort out the solutions if the team fails to produce the desired results.
You don’t get into details of how the software develops. You wouldn’t have to bother about the build integration and coding issues. You would be responsible for ensuring that your team utilizes the right development practices for helping in team productivity.
You would be working on system integration projects where you would have many teams associated with you.  And, your primary role is for identifying and solves dependencies. You would be working as a Project Manager of the development team of 10 to 15 sizes. Here, your primary role would be to ensure delivery, and you do utilize agile values in making day to day decisions.

In conclusion

Choosing the certification depends on the individuals, but to excel it, you should go for the SPOTO Exam Dumps to acquire success in your very first attempt.

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