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The CISSP Exam is an influential way for verifying that you have acquires the knowledge, which a candidate is going to require for accelerating their career and become a member of a community of cybersecurity professionals. Also, the CISSP Exam isn’t easy enough to pass it out, unless you have the help of SPOTO Club’s CISSP Training Materials. 

Now, let’s have a look at the tips of Passing the CISSP Certification Exam

 1. Comprehend the procedure of Exam

While this might seem to be an easy thing, lots of applicants would often skip this very simple yet quite necessary step. Before even you begin the preparation of the exam, you are required to try it for the first thoroughly to understand it. You should visit the official website of (ISC)2 and gain all the required information regarding the certification 

2. Give Significance to Domain

Once you would be having a decent amount of knowledge regarding the exam, the next step is considered to be identified as the exam domains. You are required to read the official exam guide of (ISC)2 to gain the knowledge of the various domains as well as the number of questions that are going to be assigned for each domain. It’ll be quite simpler for you to create an appropriate study plan, once you have gained the idea regarding the information regarding the CISSP Exam.

3. Formulate a Study Plan and Follow It

Because of the extent of the topics which are going to come in the CISSP syllabus, you are required to formulate a good and reliable study plan. This study plan which you make should take into account a study calendar that would be counting down the day until you would be planning to take the exam. While each person’s experience, as well as the level of understanding, is quite dissimilar. It is, thus considered quite essential that you would be allocating ample time to read through the entire CBK. While going through the CBK, you are obligated to study, practice the mock exams, review topics that you are required for improving, and visit forums online so as to gain more insight. 

4. Participate in the Online Community Actively

The CISSP might have a big online community where applicants are supposed to come together for sharing their views. Even if you haven’t acquired any knowledge of a particular scenario, don’t inquire anything to the Participants. All you need to just go through Google and you are going to be surprised at the quite large number of forums that would be showing up. When it comes to gaining information from an online community, it is mandatory for verifying the reliability of the source.

5. Practicing Mock Tests

Practicing the mock tests with 250-questions is quite mandatory, which would be required to answer in 6-hours. You’ll have just a minute or two, for every question. This indicates that you wouldn’t require acquiring great knowledge of all the eight domains but a concrete understanding of time management as well as stressing management. The best way to tackle these challenges would be to give as many CISSP practice tests as possible.

6. Commence the Exam

As with any test, you are required to be assured to gain good sleep as well as arrive at the test center at least 15 minutes before you would be registering time. Take time for reviewing any flashcards as well as notes that you might have right away before the exam. Any breaks you take would be counted on to the six hours of exam time.


The CISSP certification is believed to be the lifetime education, so clearing the exam is just one level. For maintaining your CISSP certification, you would require to be recertified every three years as well as you are needed to gain continuing professional education. So, you will have to study a lot, while finishing the journey, and require a good and reliable training course like the SPOTO Club’s CISSP Training Courses.

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Last modified: November 12, 2021



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