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Test candidates should now have two to three years of experience in systems administration, according to CompTIA. As a result, Cloud+ is not a beginner’s certification. Cloud+ CV0-002 skips over the definition of ideas and terminologies and dives right into setup and deployment.
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Customer service

Question 1
A customer wants to schedule a backup job that compares and saves changes from the last full backup. Which of the following backup types should be used?
A. Differential
B. Full
C. Clone
D. Incremental

Answer : A

Question 2
A company security policy mandates education and training for new employees. The policy must outline acceptable use policies for SaaS applications. Given these requirements, which of the following security controls is BEST suited?
A. Preventive
B. Detective
C. Corrective
D. Physical

Answer : C

Question 3
A private cloud customer is considering using the public cloud to accommodate the peak utilization workload. Which of the following would be considered the ideal scaling solution?
A. Cloud bursting
B. Load balancing
C. Horizontal scaling
D. Vertical scaling

Answer : A

Question 4
A cloud administrator reports a problem with the maximum number of users reached in one of the pools. There are ten VMs in the pool, each with a software capacity to handle ten users. Based on the dashboard metrics, 15% of the incoming new service requests are failing. Which of the following is the BEST approach to resolve the issue?
A. Check compute, storage, and networking utilization in the dashboard and increase capacity by adding more resources.
B. Check current licensed capacity and purchase additional licenses to add more users.
C. Check the DHCP scope and increase the number of available IP addresses by extending the pool.
D. Check the rate-of-load increase to determine if the cloud capacity boundary has been exceeded and enable bursting to the pubic cloud.

Answer : A

Question 5
In an IaaS environment, the security team issues a new signature file to prevent specific malware threats from infiltrating the company network. Which of the following describes where the security team should deploy the updated signatures?
B. Spam filter

Answer : C


Question 6
A small clinic is moving its health and accounting systems to a SaaS solution. The clinic holds patient- and business-sensitive information. Which of the following is the company expected to do to protect its data?
A. Document, configure, and enforce strong account management policies.
B. Disable and document unneeded ports and protocols on the SaaS servers.
C. Install antivirus and disable unneeded services on all SaaS servers.
D. Harden the underlying infrastructure: servers, firewalls, and load balancers.

Answer : B

Question 7
A consultant is helping a large company migrate its development environment to a public cloud provider. The developers are working on a VDI solution. The development tools that employees utilize require greater control of the OS environment. Which of the following cloud types should the consultant implement?
A. SaaS
B. PaaS
C. Bare metal service
D. IaaS

Answer : D

Question 8
A company changed its policy to have seven-year data retention in the public cloud. Which of the following would be the MOST cost-effective way to meet retention requirements?
A. Site mirroring
B. Automated archiving
C. Replication
D. Third-party sites

Answer : B

Question 9
During peak times, users are unable to access their online wealth management applications in a timely fashion. The online banking application resides in a community cloud environment. Which of the following explains how the cloud systems administrator should start to resolve this issue?
A. Access the cloud services portal and ensure memory ballooning is enabled.
B. Access the cloud services portal and ensure there is adequate disk space available.
C. Access the cloud services portal and ensure all users are accessing it through the same web service.
D. Access the cloud services portal and ensure the ACLs are set correctly for the user community.

Answer : A

Question 10
A business is planning to migrate from a private cloud to a public cloud. To document business continuity, which of the following should be done FIRST?
A. Develop a disaster recovery plan with partners/third parties.
B. Define the set of application-based SLAs.
C. Identify HA technology to provide failover.
D. Define the scope of requirements.

Answer : B


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Customer service

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