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    CCIE Data Center Lab Exam

    The lab exam is an eight-hour, hands-on exam that tests the ability to get the network running in atimed test situation.

    Investigation ability to eliminate network failures. Exam simulation network environment, such as a server can’t be accessed, allowing you to identify and resolve the problem. You need to configure the device.

    Investigation network failure analysis. This module is not operating equipment, examination room will give you networking needs, problems, given the configuration of the device, log information, let you analyze the cause of the network failure.

    Investigation ability to build a network, given the needs of the examination workbook, topology, as required to complete the network build

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    1. Data Center Written Review Guides (not INCLUDED Written Exam# 400-151)
    2. Data Center Lab Workbook(s)- refer attached the "Data Center Flow" guide.
    3. Data Center Lab Remote Rack Access. Total hours 140 hrs. Breakdown- Virtual Remote Rack access total of 100 hours, Physical Remote Rack 40 hours.
    4. Data Center Lab Prep. Instructor lead (Recorded lab guide session videos)
    5. Grade your work in a timely manner and provide a comprehensive review of your performance
    6. Answer your questions and provide guidance via SKYPE lab takers group or PM or group chat messaging
    7. Provide you with practical tips and techniques that have been put to the test
    8. Notify you of any updates or changes to the upcoming lab exam and make certain that you have the materials necessary to fully prepare for those changes

    CCIE Data Center LAB Examination Content CCIE Data Center Lab Dumps

1 How to complete lab training

We provide workbook 、solution and record video。All of the materials are encrypted。Record video is in English. every record video of lab is 2-5 hours long.
1) Receive materials in sections
The materials we provide by section delivery.
2) Watch Record video
Video explains the request and solution ,it shows how to config lab step by step. Record video orientation include on how to access the schedule and the physical rack
3) Rack access after 7 days
If you have any problem during the practice ,our teacher will help you solve it .we use teamview for remote access.
4) Review and see feedback
We have many students pass every week,we will provide the latest feedback.

2 Hardware and Software Suite Specs of Real Lab

• CCIE DC2.0 Rack Hardware:Fully Support Real LAB
• ACI Spine
• ACI Leafs
• Nexus 7k (SupE,F3 Support VXLAN)
• Nexus 5548UP
• Nexus 5672UP Double
• Nexus 2232PP
• UCS-6248 Fabric Interconnects Double
• UCS-5108 B-Series Chassis Double
• B-Series Blades Double
• C-Series Servers
• Storage Array

3 Real Diag and Real CFG

Example of Diag:
New Cisco UCS Server installation. (5 Questions)
You are working in the ACME corporate network support team, and one of your responsibilities is to provide second-level support to the ACME helpdesk. The helpdesk just opened a case with your team and needs help to install a new server. Use the resource provided below and make a choice for each question that follows.

When looking at the“show npv flogi-table” output on both fabric interconnects we can see that the tables are empty. This behavior is consistent while the service profile is booting and we seem to be unable to perform a flogi. What is the cause of this

Example of CFG:

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