There would be many good reasons why candidates wish to become a network engineer: great companies, great pay, excellent benefits, or high technology. Additionally, it would be opening the door to the IT world. Maybe you would be able to find yourself learning further techniques like Linux to be an Ops Engineer or coding to be a Developer.

Once you would be getting into the IT field, the sky is considered to be the limit! When working as a Network Engineer, the exposure to technology would be huge since you would be working on the plumbing that would allow a computer system to work. Acquiring CCNA Certification is that you need to begin your Computer Networking. To achieve it, you will need a right and reliable training provider, as offered by the SPOTO Club.

As per the PayScale, a Computer network engineer in the United States would be able to earn an annual salary, which would lie around $44,869 to $106,446. But getting yourself into a position such as this might not always be the most natural thing to achieve. In today’s market, competition is considered to be fierce. In this post, we would list some ways to help you get that new network engineering job and potentially boost your career.

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Network Engineer Training and Certifications

The first and most direct way to quickly gain a job working as a network engineer would be to do some self-study and get the vendor certification, such as the Cisco Certified Network Associate or CCNA. Anyone who would have an IT certification already knows these certification tests are not accessible if taken correctly. And Cisco tests are considered to be the most stringent tests out there.

The current CCNA test wouldn’t test your book knowledge on the theory of computer networking, TCP/IP, and the OSI model. Still, it would also be checking your practical experience of actually performing the hands-on tasks that might be called upon you as a junior network engineer.

You are getting to the online bookstore and finding the books that would be able to keep your attention and are considered secure for you to read. Next, you are required to invest in a practice exam such as one from Boson. Test questions would be worded quite tricky, and taking these practice tests would be able to guarantee you were getting the multiple-choice stuff accurate. Finally, you’d got to work on your router skills.

Next, you could either purchase a metal router on eBay or download the software emulator GNS3. GNSS is considered a free router emulator that could help you immensely, and best of all, you could get it for free. These three things combined would be able to land you that certification; they would be able to increase your value in the workplace, and will most likely get you to the door to try to some real hands-on networking. Of course, you still would have to clear the interview.

On the Job Training
Sometimes, poring over the LinkedIn job boards or the Career Builder website could yield an excellent selection of network jobs you might be able to qualify for without certification. These jobs would typically pay you less though it will offer you the opportunity for learning and might provide training to advance yourself to gain a CCNA or even above certifications.

Thus, if you want to become successful in making a career in computer networking, earning a CCNA Certification would be an excellent choice, and also for that, you are also going to be required to gain the SPOTO Club’s IT exam dumps, to help you out on your journey.

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Last modified: June 30, 2020



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