Cisco would have announced at Cisco Live that they would be updating and replacing their current wireless training! But what does that mean if you would be currently pursuing a wireless certification? The short answer: there would be able to be up to date training on the path, which is easier to achieve your CCNP Wireless certification.

Long answer: Observe the current wireless options, as well as how they are being replaced.

First, the most popular current wireless course is Implementing Cisco Wireless Fundamentals (WIFUND), from which CCNA Wireless certification would be pulled. It would be setting an excellent foundation for Wireless and RF theory but software and hardware that end-of-life/end-of-sale, such as offered at the Windows 7.

For the current CCNP Wireless certification, there will be four classes, each with their exam: WIDEPLOY, WIDESIGN, WISECURE, and WITSHOOT. While it would be considered to be the latest than WIFUND, these courses still would be able to end the suffering from hardware and software changes over time, and the requirement for clearing these four exams to achieve your CCNP Wireless certification if you would have tried for earning your CCNP Wireless Certification before February 2020, utilizing this migration tool for seeing how your training would be able to translate to the new certifications.

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So, what is Cisco moving toward wireless training?
To start, they are substituting all the CCNA separate tracks, such as CCNA Security, CCNA Data Center, and CCNA Wireless, with a single core CCNA. This new single CCNA would be included an introduction to Wireless. So, no more committed CCNA Wireless, but everyone will get some wireless awareness as they start their certification path.

You would also be doing NOT need to have your CCNA to earn CCNP certifications anymore! If you would be in networking for years and don’t wish to take one more introductory course, you wouldn’t have to! Skip straight to the level that challenges you and advances your career.

To replace the current CCNP Wireless, they would be folded Wireless into the Enterprise track of training. In this new track, you would be able to complete the Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies or ENCOR class and exam, one concentration class, and a review for getting certified with your CCNP certification. One core exam and one concentration exam, and that’s it. You could do more concentrations if you would desire, but only one is required.

There are two wireless concentration courses:
· Designing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (ENWLSD)
· Implementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (ENWLSI).

ENWLSD or Designing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks would cover material that would be similar to the WIFUND course. Site surveys, voice, and video over Wireless, radio management, mobility, concepts, and topics would apply to any wireless network, regardless of size. A course to bring this certification would be required, as well as do check out the training courses which are being offered along with as you begin your wireless journey.

ENWLSI would be covering more advanced topics. FlexConnect, Multicast, QoS, Security, Troubleshooting are topics that would be more applicable from medium to more extensive networks, and that too for the even some smaller, but complex wireless environments.

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Last modified: June 30, 2020



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