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Our online practice exam, which simulates the actual exam environment, has been created to make your preparation for the Cisco CCNP Enterprise (300-410) certification exam easier.

In this test, we have gathered 10 questions related to each topic on the Cisco 300-410 certification exam syllabus. We are a team of experienced and trained Cisco Enterprise consultants. You will find that all of the questions are quite similar to those you would encounter on the actual Cisco Certified Network Professional Enterprise (ENARSI) certification test.

We invite you to take advantage of our free Cisco 300-410 practice exam to become acquainted with the exam pattern quickly.

CategoriesExam Code100% Pass Dumps
CCNP Enterprise350-401 ENCOR350-401 ENCOR
300-410 ENARSI300-410 ENARSI
300-415 ENSDWI300-415 ENSDWI
300-420 ENSLD300-420 ENSLD
300-425 ENWLSD300-425 ENWLSD
300-430 ENWLSI300-430 ENWLSI
300-435 ENAUTO300-435 ENAUTO

Question 1
An engineer must configure a Cisco router to initiate secure connections from the router to other devices in the network but kept failing.
Which two actions resolve the issue? (Choose two.)

A. Configure transport input ssh command on the console.
B. Configure a domain name.
C. Configure a crypto key to be generated.
D. Configure a source port for the SSH connection to initiate.
E. Configure a TACACS+ server and enable it.

Answer : BC

Question 2
When configuring Control Plane Policing on a router to protect it from malicious traffic, an engineer observes that the configured routing protocols start flapping on that device.
Which action in the Control Plane Policy prevents this problem in a production environment while achieving the security objective?
A. Set the conform-action and exceed-action to transmit initially to test the ACLs and transmit rates and apply the Control Plane Policy in the output direction.
B. Set the conform-action and exceed-action to transmit initially to test the ACLs and transmit rates and apply the Control Plane Policy in the input direction.
C. Set the conform-action to transmit and exceed-action to drop to test the ACLs and transmit rates and apply the Control Plane Policy in the input direction.
D. Set the conform-action to transmit and exceed-action to drop to test the ACLs and transmit rates and apply the Control Plane Policy in the output direction.

Answer : B

Question 3
In which two ways does the IPv6 First-Hop Security Binding Table operate? (Choose two.)
A. by IPv6 HSRP to make sure neighbors are authenticated before being used as gateways
B. by various IPv6 guard features to validate the data link layer address
C. by the recovery mechanism to recover the binding table in the event of a device reboot
D. by IPv6 routing protocols to securely build neighborships without the need of authentication
E. by storing hashed keys for IPsec tunnels for the built-in IPsec features

Answer : BC

Question 4
An engineer is trying to copy an IOS file from one router to another router by using TFTP.
Which two actions are needed to allow the file to copy? (Choose two.)
A. Copy the file to the destination router with the copy tftp: flash: command
B. Enable the TFTP server on the source router with the tftp-server flash: <filename> command
C. TFTP is not supported in recent IOS versions, so an alternative method must be used
D. Configure a user on the source router with the username tftp password tftp command
E. Configure the TFTP authentication on the source router with the tftp-server authentication local command

Answer : AB

Question 5
A network engineer is investigating a flapping (up/down) interface issue on a core switch that is synchronized to an NTP server. Log output currently does not show the time of the flap.
Which command allows the logging on the switch to show the time of the flap according to the clock on the device?
A. service timestamps log uptime
B. clock summer-time mst recurring 2 Sunday mar 2:00 1 Sunday nov 2:00
C. service timestamps log datetime localtime show-timezone
D. clock calendar-valid

Answer : C

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Question 6
When provisioning a device in Cisco DNA Center, the engineer sees the error message ג€Cannot select the device. Not compatible with templateג€.
What is the reason for the error?
A. The template has an incorrect configuration.
B. The software version of the template is different from the software version of the device.
C. The changes to the template were not committed.
D. The tag that was used to filter the templates does not match the device tag.

Answer : D

Question 7

While working with software images, an engineer observes that Cisco DNA Center cannot upload its software image directly from the device.
Why is the image not uploading?
A. The device must be resynced to Cisco DNA Center.
B. The software image for the device is in install mode.
C. The device has lost connectivity to Cisco DNA Center.
D. The software image for the device is in bundle mode

Answer: B

Question 8

What is a prerequisite for configuring BFD?
A. Jumbo frame support must be configured on the router that is using BFD.
B. All routers in the path between two BFD endpoints must have BFD enabled.
C. Cisco Express Forwarding must be enabled on all participating BFD endpoints.
D. To use BFD with BGP, the timers 3 9 command must first be configured in the BGP routing process.

Answer: C

Question 9

Which attribute eliminates LFAs that belong to protected paths in situations where links in a network are connected through a common fiber?
A. shared risk link group-disjoint
B. linecard-disjoint
C. lowest-repair-path-metric
D. interface-disjoint

Answer : B

Question 10

Which command displays the IP routing table information that is associated with VRF-Lite?
A. show ip vrf
B. show ip route vrf
C. show run vrf
D. show ip protocols vrf

Answer : B

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