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The 90-minute test Automating and Programming Cisco Service Provider Solutions v1.0 (SPAUTO 300-535) is part of the CCNP Service Provider and DevNet Professional certifications.

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Question #:1

What tool is used to perform a “what if” failure analysis in a service provider network that is running Segment Routing?
A. Cisco WAN Automation Engine
B. Cisco Evolved Programmable Network Manager
C. Cisco Network Services Orchestrator
D. Cisco Segment Routing Path Computation Element
Correct Answer: A


Question #:2

Which two Python libraries are used to write a script to retrieve network device information using RESTCONF? (Choose two.)
B. requests
C. ncclient
E. json
Correct Answer: BE

Question #:3

Which command configures the remote peer when the Cisco IOS XR Traffic Controller is used?
A. peer-sync ipv4
B. state ipv4
C. peer ipv4
D. state-sync ipv4
Correct Answer:

An automation engineer is trying to configure a destination group to use dial-out telemetry with gRPC on a Cisco IOS XR platform. The template created is failing to apply. Which parameters must be configured?

A. source IP address, source port, encoding, and sampling interval
B. source IP address, source port, encoding, and protocol
C. destination IP address, destination port, encoding, and sensor path
D. destination IP address, destination port, encoding, and protocol
Correct Answer: D



Which two use cases are valid for Cisco WAN Automation Engine? (Choose two.)

A. deployment of SR policies
B. integration with Cisco XTC
C. what-if analysis
D. device manager
E. network controller

Correct Answer: AB

Which schema allows device configuration elements to be enclosed within a remote procedure call message when NETCONF is implemented?

Correct Answer: B



What is a key feature of YANG?
A. use identification
B. error prediction
C. JAVA compatibility
D. reusable types and groupings
Correct Answer: D



What are two characteristics of the NFV architecture approach? (Choose two.)
A. It decouples the network functions from proprietary hardware appliances.
B. It provides 70% more efficiency of network infrastructure.
C. It is specially designed for Internet providers.
D. It is specially designed for telecommunications service providers.
E. It typically includes a hypervisor.
Correct Answer: AE


A Cisco NSO service has just been deployed. Which Cisco NSO CLI command is used to inspect the resulting device configuration changes before the changes are pushed to the network?

A. show service impact
B. commit dry-run outformat native
C. pseudo-commit
D. show dry-run output
Correct Answer:


An engineer is deploying a Python script to manage network devices through SSH. Which library based on
Paramiko is used?
A. sshmiko
B. paramiko.agent
C. libssh2
D. netmiko
Correct Answer: D

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