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Your company wants to deploy a new data center infrastructure. Based on the requirements you have chosen VXLAN as encapsulation technology. The customer is concerned about miss-configuration of Layer 2 devices and DC wide outages caused by Layer 2 loops. What do you answer?

A. VPC+ could prevent L2 loop on access ports
B. BPDU Guard should be enabled on all VTEP access ports
C. Storm Control should be enabled on all ports
D. VXLAN offers native loop avoidance mechanism
Correct Answer: A

A customer asks you to perform a high level review of their upcoming WAN refresh for remote sites. The review is specially focused on their retail store operations consisting of 500+ locations connected via mutlipoint IPsec VPN solution. Which routing protocol would be valid but would also be the most restrictive for the expansion of this deployment model?

Correct Answer: D

A large enterprise customer is migrating thousands of retail offices from legacy TDM circuits to an Ethernetbased service. The network is running OSPF and has been stable for many years. It is now possible to backhaul the circuits directly to the data centers, bypassing the regional aggregation routers. Which two networking considerations need to be addressed to ensure stability with the new design? (Choose two.)

A. The amount of LSA flooding will increase significantly.
B. The FIB will increase significantly.
C. Nothing will change if the number of offices is the same.
D. The RIB will increase significantly.
E. Nothing will change if the number of physical interfaces stays the same.
F. The size of the link-state database will increase significantly.
Correct Answer: AF

When designing a WAN that will be carrying real-time tafc, what are two important reasons to consider serialization delay? (Choose two.)

A. Serialization delays are variable because they depend only on the size of the packet being serialized.
B. Serialization delays are invariable because they depend only on the line rate of the interface.
C. Serialization delays are variable because they depend on the line rate of the interface and on the type of
the packet being serialized.
D. Serialization delay is the time required to transmit the packet on the physical media.
E. Serialization delay depends not only on the line rate of the interface but also on the size of the packet.
Correct Answer: DE

Which mechanism provides Layer 2 fault isolation between data centers?

B. advanced VPLS
C. fabric path
Correct Answer: E

practice tests

You are tasked to design a QoS policy for a service provider so they can include it in the design of their MPLS core network If the design must support an MPLS network with six classes, and CEs will be managed by the service provider, which QoS policy should be recommended?

A. map IP CoS bits into the IP Precedence field
B. map DSCP bits into the Exp field
C. map flow-label bits into the Exp field
D. map IP precedence bits into the DSCP field
Correct Answer: B

You are designing a network for a branch office. In order to improve convergence time, you are required to use the BFD feature. Which four routing protocols can you use to facilitate this? (Choose four.)

C. static
Correct Answer: ABDE

    Your network operations team is deploying Access Control Lists (ACLs) across your Internet gateways. They wish to place an ACL inbound on the Internet gateway interface facing the core network (the “trusted” interface). Which IP address would the ACL need for traffic sourced from the inside interface, to match the source address of the traffic?

    A. outside global
    B. outside local
    C. inside global
    D. inside local
    Correct Answer: D

    A network architect must redesign a service provider edge, where multiservice and multitenant PEs are currently present. Which design feature should be minimized in the new design to achieve reliability?

    A. bridging
    B. unicast overlay routing
    C. fate sharing
    D. redundancy
    Correct Answer: A

    A senior network designer suggests that you should improve network convergence times by reducing BGP timers between your CE router and the PE router of the service provider. Which two factors should you consider to adjust the timer values? (Choose two.)

    A. service provider agreement to support tuned timers
    B. number of routes on the CE router
    C. service provider scheduling of changes to the PE
    D. number of VRFs on the PE router
    E. manual updates to the peer groups
    Correct Answer: CE


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