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31 Mar

Everything You Need To Know About CISSP Certification

CISSP Certification or Certified Information Systems Security Professional credential is an advanced and grueling exam that tests the abilities of information security professionals and validates their skills to secure an enterprise environment. Becoming a CISSP certified professional is no cakewalk. It requires years of relevant work experience in addition to an endorsement from an existing CISSP professional to take the 6-hour long grueling exam. The exam is conducted by (ISC)2 and offers vend

29 Mar

CISSP Exam - Learning Above Technology and Understanding Security in a Holistic Manner

For years I have heard people complain about having to learn things for the CISSP exam that they would never use in their life. When I was studying for this exam several years ago, I also had the same perspective as others. I also hear people saying that they are required to understand security through (ISC)2's view for this exam, which does not match with reality. The contention of these statements is that someone would have to memorize items for the test that are not useful in their profession

27 Mar

Get Ready For CCIE Voice Lab Exam

The CCIE Voice lab experience begins the day you pass the written exam. It cannot be quantified in an 8-hour day. You really have to look at the whole journey to truly appreciate the experience once you arrive at the testing center. By the time you actually sit the lab, you should have hours and hours of time studying and labbing completed in order to prepare for probably one of the most historic days of your career as a Cisco Voice Engineer. Whether you are successful or not you are a better en

26 Mar

Know About Various Exams & Technologies Associated With CCIE Routing and Switching

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCIE Routing and Switching) is an IT certification program for the individuals with basic knowledge of Networking and further proves as a foundation course for higher level Cisco certifications like CCNP and CCIE. The foundation course helps enhance and increase one's investment in basic level networking knowledge and hence increase the value of their employer's network. CCIE Routing and Switching Routing & Switching is designed for all the Network Specialists,

25 Mar

Get Ahead With CCIE Voice Training

If you are looking for a competitive job where you have room to grow and improve your skills constantly then you might want to consider CCIE Voice expert. You will be one of the key parts of a successful company and will help it accelerate and build up in the business world. Communication with customers and technical support, routing and switching, SP Operations, and design experts are only some of the great many options available which you can continuously build up on in order to move up in the

23 Mar

Get Ready For Your CCIE Voice Training

Engaging in CCIE Voice Training is very challenging. In order to complete the training, dedication and sacrifice is your holding ground. However, gaining the reward of certification that would enable anyone to have a career growth in the IT industry makes the journey worthwhile. In the CCIE Voice training, you would find yourself wanting to be a more dedicated and reliable engineer in the industry.

22 Mar

How to Prepare Yourself for the CCIE Routing and Switching Exam and What to Expect

While the CCIE Routing and Switching is highest paying certification in Information Security, it is also one of the hardest certifications to obtain. The test consists of 250 multiple choice questions answered over the duration of 6 hours. 25 of the questions are "trial" questions where the answers are not counted towards your grade. These questions are used for possible inclusion in a later test. The test taker must pass the test with a score of 700 or higher on a scale of 1000. The problem for

21 Mar

How to Become CCIE Certified

It is a huge career choice to take up a Cisco CCIE course. The training as well as the actual tests cost enough, but the most difficult factor is actually passing the exams. There are boot camps for applicants where they can learn, and more importantly, get lab training during the camps. If there is anything more important than a rigorous boot camp, it is preparing your mind for the job. Let's take a look at some of the things you need to consider for your Cisco CCIE course.

21 Mar

CISSP Training and Certification - Best Practice Against Cybercrime

Cybercrime - the word that we are listening more often these days, with the increased cyber issues globally, is creating nuisance in the global IT industry. As the rate of cybercrime is growing every day, it basically means crime involving computer or a network. After understanding the IT security risks, most organizations these days have started to value employees with understanding of IT security risks, as many organizations require employees to have specific security certifications. One such


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