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SPOTO Instructors
  • Alex Hu  
    SPOTO President
  • Dennis  
    CCIE Instructor
  • Lambert  
    CCIE Instructor
    Lambert  Senior Lecturer
    CCIE# 4876*
    SPOTO Gold Instructor (International)
    Leader of SPOTO Teaching Test R&D
    SPOTO CCIE Club Leader
    Cisco Certified Internet Specialist, STSC Core Member

    Proficient in systems, network security technologies, proficient in network failure analysis and troubleshooting
    Proficient in various types of VPN technologies, familiar with mainstream network devices such as Cisco, Huawei, and Ruijie

    With humorous and interesting class style, he won lots of praise from students. He is good at using the examples in life to interpret the network knowledge. And he believes that there is no stupid student but wrong teaching methods.
  • Alex  
    CCNP Instructor
    Rex Chen  SPOTO Senior Supervisor

    CCIE# 4381*
    Information Systems Security Specialist (CISSP)
    SPOTO Gold Instructor
    Cisco Question Bank Problem Solving Expert

    Cisco Certified Internet Specialist
    SPOTO CCIE Club members
    STSC backbone member

    Proficient in systems, network security technologies, various VPN technologies
    Familiar with mainstream network equipment such as Cisco, Huawei, and Ruijie
    Familiar with carrier backbone network architecture and large network construction and maintenance
    Years of experience in well-known domestic network security vendors, responsible for the emergency response of operators' network security assessment and cyber attacks
    Proficient in network failure analysis and troubleshooting
    and many more…

  • Ryan  
    CCIE & HCIE Instructor
    Ryan  SPOTO Double IE Gold Instructor
    SPOTO CCIE & HCIE Senior Lecturer
    CISCO Certified Internet Specialist
    CISCO Certified Senior Network Specialist
    Huawei certified Internet expert
    He was responsible for the original delivery tasks of Huawei's Fujian area, and was also responsible for the project delivery of the Fujian Radio and Television Network Group throughout the province.
    Mainly responsible for routing, switching, security, wireless after-sales work.   
    Participate in the design and implementation of the new data center of a listed bank in the west
    As the project manager, he is responsible for the secondary network transformation project of the bank.
  • Cherry  
    CCIE RS LAB Instructor
    Cherry  SPOTO CCIE RS LAB instructor
    SPOTO CCIE RS LAB instructor(International)

    SPOTO LAB LAB Examiner
    CISCO Certified Internet Specialist

    Motto: Dedicated to providing students with quality services, allowing students to take less detours and truly learn practical skills.

    The new CCIE RS LAB teacher, with a serious and responsible service spirit, has won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign students.
    Familiar with routing switching equipment from vendors such as Cisco, Huawei, H3C, and Ruijie;
    Familiar with the backbone network architecture of operators, familiar with large-scale network construction and maintenance; proficient in network fault analysis and troubleshooting; provide various solutions for customer network architecture, and have rich experience in live network implementation;
    In RS LAB coaching, we are good at giving the best quality guidance according to different student situations, helping students to pass the exam as quickly as possible.


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