TS1 DiagH3 CFG H2+


Date: 20th April
Troubleshooting : TS1
Diagnostics : H3
Configuration : H2+

Troublshooting - TS1

I did all the SPOTO TS Labs and get completely familiar with the scenario, I finished the TS in 90 Min.

Diagnostics - H3
Same as Spoto's workbook.

Configuration - H2+
General speaking a lot compatible with SPOTO work book, only 4.1 about QOS, it was saying "do not use access list". I left it un-answered.

Basic config (time consuming) were already done, e.g. putting the branch routers in the VRF and re-enter the IP address. it was good as you can focus on main items.

Important note: although basic configs where there, some of the IP addresses where not configured properly, I was troubleshooting the BGP connection and finally realized that the IP address is not based on the diagram. So, verify the IPs and basic config. one router-id not configured correctly and one BGP network command, was used for a loopback interface with the wrong IP, needed to correct the network in BGP.

Try to have some kind of guideline for yourself, I explain more, I had in my mind that I have to put 6 of "ip nhrp" command in tunnel, then I put the rest of commands in front of each (e.g ip nhrp nhs during the exam , there is a lot of stress, I didn't want to forget one command and waste my time for troubleshooting, so for configuration of the DMVPN, I knew that I need 6 "ip nhrp" and 4 "tunnel " commands. Similar concept for iBGP or MPLS.

My last recommendation, keep the last half an hour, I did one more review for the whole requirements and realized some small items were missed, fixed them and verified again.

Good luck all in your hard way and God bless you and your family
(CCIE path gives you and your family a hard time)