TS2 Diag2 H3


Date: 10th May

Configuration H3:
-ON HQ and DC1 I add ip multicast routing over all devices, whitout it, the multicast dont work.
-On The DC1 check the routers IDs for OSPF. Add bgp routers IDs in any Devices.
-The ospf proceess between R42 and R100 is 2 not 10.

Diag2 the same with Yang's feedback

Q1 SW400/SW401 add vlan access-map ATTACK 20 action forward,R40 rent time 2hours.
Q2. Same
Q4 route-map add to BGP out
Q5 same
Q6 same
Q7 R12,R2,R3,R5 ldp lost( it has mpls ip, but wrong one),R1 loopback0 add to OSFP,R5 RT export wrong
Q8 SW300/SW301 的vlan2000/vlan2001 all without ip dhcp reley information trust,SW310 without ip dhcp snooping imfomation op
Q9 same
Q10 R24/R25 ,NAT without outside,delete and add outside

Advice: plz read Yang's feedback on lab,it really helpful to me and two guys we took exam the same