TS1 H2 Diag H2 CFG



Q1, did not finish

Q2. r17 missing ppp ipcp route def

Q3. wrong subnet on R21

Q4. amended the access list or something like that on R13, R11 got load balance route to,
but the strange thing was, the metric does not match exam outcome request, R11 is showing both incoming links with large metric
something like xxxxx/7xxxxx.(exam request 1603/1703)

i used over 20 mins checking everything but cant find out why is that, i couldnt match exam request, so i gave up and as long
as they both had the same incoming metric and load balance

Q5. R12 : max path 2 , and someting else inside the mpls , i cant remember.

Q6. R22 had a wrong ipv6 next hop address

Q7 no ip split-horizon eigrp xxx missing on R15, R15 can ping R19 but not R17 and R18, i copied R19 int t0 config to R17 and R18,
it worked. also, while PC109 trace user1spokeX, the domain name out come mismatch with request in exam, amend it on R15,
i tried 20 mins to sort the issue with lots of different ways, suddenly the updated outcome matching exam equest after 20 mins later,
so dont panic it takes time

Q8. R7 ip nat outside missing, R5 and R6 missing export rt , R4 missing net

Q9. cryto map mismatch between R24 and R7, i think it was the group no.

Q10. add a mac address on PC


Same as work book nothing special