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1. In attribute sampling, what is the relationship between expected error rate and sample size?

  • a.The expected error rate does not affect the sample size.
  • b.The greater the expected error rate, the greater the sample size.
  • c.The greater the sample size, the lower the expected error rate.
  • d.The greater the expected error rate, the smaller the sample size.

2. A month after a company purchased and implemented system and performance monitoring software, reports were too large and therefore were not reviewed or acted upon, the MOST effective plan of action would be to :

  • a.Use analytical tools to produce exception reports from the system and performance monitoring software.
  • b.Re-install the system and performance monitoring software.
  • c.Restrict functionality of system monitoring software to security-related events.
  • d.Evaluate replacement system and performance monitoring software.

3.Management disagrees with a finding in a draft audit report and provides supporting documentation which of the following should be the IS auditor’s NEXT course of action?

  • a.Escalate the issue with supporting documentation to senior management.
  • b.Finalize the draft audit report without changes.
  • c.Evaluate the supporting documentation.
  • d.Document management’s disagreement in the final report.

4.When auditing the effectiveness of a biometric system, which of the following indicators would be MOST important to review?

  • a.Failure to enroll rate
  • b.System response time
  • c.False acceptance rate
  • d.False negatives

5.Which of the following practices associated with capacity planning provides the GREATEST assurance that future incidents related to server performance will be prevented?

  • a.Anticipating current service level agreements (SLAs) will remain unchanged.
  • b.Negotiating agreements to acquire required cloud services
  • c.Duplicate existing disk drive systems to improve redundancy and data storage
  • d.Prorating the current processing workloads

1)The risk that the IS auditor will not an error that occurred is identified by which of the following terms?

  • A)Control
  • B)Inherent
  • C)Detection
  • D)Prevention

2)Which of the following BEST demonstrates that IT strategy is aligned with organizational goals and objectives?

  • A)Business stakeholders are involved in approving that IT strategy
  • B)Organizational strategies are communicated to the chief information officer
  • C)The chier information officer is involved in approving the organizationl strategies
  • D)IT strategies are communicated to all business stakeholders

3)Which of the following is MOST important to review when evaluating the completeness of an organization’s personally identifiable information (PII) inventory?

  • A)Data flows
  • B)Data quality
  • C)Data classification
  • D)Data ownership

4)IS management has decided to replace the replace the current single-server-based local area network (LAN) with three interconnected servers running different operating systems. Existing applications and data on the old server have been exclusively distributed on the new servers. This will MOST likely result in

  • A)Multiple authentication
  • B)Data unavailability
  • C)Data incompleteness
  • D)Disclosure of information

5)A new privacy regulation requires a customer’s privacy information to be deleted with 72 hours, if requested. Which of the following would be an IS auditor’s GREATEST concern regarding compliance to this regulation?

  • A)Incomplete backup and retention policies
  • B)Lack of knowledge of where customers’ information is saved
  • C)Outdated online privacy policies
  • D)End user access to applications with customer information
The definition of CISA certification:

The Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) is an industry certification in the field of audit, security and control of information systems. CISA has been a globally accepted certification standard since 1978 that's designed to demonstrate competence in the fields of IT audit, IT security, IT risk management and overall IT governance.

Successful completion of CISA exam:

The examination is open to all individuals who have an interest in information systems audit, control and security. All are encouraged to work toward and take the examination. In order to be awarded the certificate, qualified professionals must take the CISA exams, which are conducted every June, September and December of each year. The exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions with a total score of 800 points. A passing score requires 450 points. 

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