R&S LAB Sample questions

R&S LAB Sample questions
1, SW2 connect pc, vlan change points wrong, or vlan address wrong
2, SW1 or SW2 less vlan12, or did not allow vlan12 traffic through
3, SW2 on the mac binding error (shut, no shut effective), R7 and R8 clear ip dhcp binding
4, R7 and R8 client-id mac address binding error
5, domain name, to be on R7 and R8 ip host Server 1.bancobank.org
6, R7 address pool problem, user / server corresponding to the pool hostname and dhcp not the same pool
7, SW1 and SW2 OSPF advertising error
8, DHCP traffic is ACL deny
9, DHCP snooping, delete or change to trust
10, traceroute do not take the original route, there are four jumps, vlan28 following things, no out
11, can get to the address, but unreasonable SW2ping 172.16200.200, vlan12 strategy below, SW1 and SW2 comparative solution
12, SW2 E1 / 0 address and dhcp default-router is inconsistent
13, d7cp client-id on R7 did not increase 01
14, there is no default route between user and server, check dhcp default-router has done something wrong
15, DNS server is missing
16, R8 DHCP subnet mask 24, SW2 vlan100 ip is 30, to 24
17, user interface configuration ip add dhcp client-id e0 / 0 hostname xxx R7 dhcp network xxxx into host xxxx
18, user If you do not get the address correctly, and the address can be pinged, check the address dhcp server which device take address, sh cdp neighbor detail (SW2)
19, SW2 gateway interface double down, (show int status), remember shut, no shut
20, SW1 and SW2 no neighbors, a notice, can ping 通, check the passive-interface
21, SW2 vlan12 filter 200 below the list
22, mac xxxx under the user interface, inconsistent with its mac address, binding mac, use this address
23, interface vlan 100, mac and user conflict SW1 SW2
24, SW1 and server connection, vlan200 no helper address (interface Vlan200 ip address ip helper-address