what are cisco routers and switches

what are cisco routers and switches

Remember not to taste the test before the test, eat the bad stomach the night before the test led to diarrhea that night 3 times the next morning diarrhea four times, or eat more ordinary food more reliable, cut into the topic:
Q1: SW400 / 401
ip access-list extended 111
no 10
no 30
R40 DHCP pool: no lease 0 2
ospf: no pass vlan 2000
Q2: SW111 e2 / 0 no ip ospf cost
Q3: R23 lo0: ospf 10 -> ospf 1
R22 MED 20: set origin igp; R23 MED 20: set origin incomplete
Q4: R20 / R21 neighbor DC2 route-map local-pref out
Q5: R60 tu0 mask 32 -> 24
Q6: SW111 vlan 2001: ospfv3 65001 ipv6 area 0
Q7: R10 ospf: distance ospf external 210
R5 lo0: ospf 1 -> ospf 10
Q8: SW300 / 301 vlan 2000: ip dhcp relay information trusted
SW300 po1 / SW301 po2 / SW300 po1 & po2: ip arp inspection trust
R30 DHCP pool for user3: no lease 0 2 1
SW300: no passive-interface vlan 2000
Q9: R71 tu0: no ip ospf network
Q10: R24 / R25: ip nat outside source static <dest ip depends on the phenomenon

DIAG2 +:
The same with the solution; frame No. are the same
H2 +:
Examination room a total of seven candidates, because the seat more by the beginning of the past others have already started the computer, took a look at the four is not like to test the RS direction, UserID type the number string is not a pinyin, probably because fewer people , Tr many times by the teacher, plus the more dispersed mistakes:
1. The R20 e0 / 1 ospf 1 area 51 to get rid of;
2. R20 crypto less his party, the original is up later stuck in the IKE, through the comparison can be found, but the peace of mind different configuration, plus some lifecycle parameters like;
3. The R13 bgp router-id into R14;
4. R57 put bgp full cloth eigrp;
5. Default R9 / R10 e0 / 0, e0 / 1 is shutdown, no shut in front, the teacher gave e0 / 1 shut, see eigrp neighbors can be found

There are other minor mistakes, do not remember clearly, about a total of six or seven
Pre-match with the usual place is different:
1. SW3 / SW4 / R15 / R16 ospf no pre-allocation, remember to declare vlan, the beginning of a leak caused by the back of R101 has been unable to obtain IP;
R101 mac address with the usual difference, go go and confirm go R15 dhcp pool configuration
2. SW1 / R11 / R12 ospf pre-configured with a good but to check router-id, and some do not
3. AS65001 part of the mpls ip open, mpls ldp router-id lo0 all to own allocation
4. SW10 / SW11 has added vlan 100,101 acquiescence
5. AS65006 R50 / 51/52 eigrp I do not know is the default or teacher to get rid of, did not declare lo0, usually practice version, direct upgrade is good, so did not pay attention to the beginning of the exam (pre-allocated on the exam announced a 172.30 .100.0, but the back bgp vpnv4 has not come up, only to find out carefully
In short, H2 + configure the amount of extra care, R17 ospf, multicast, static route, nat should be added vrf Corp, originally 9:30 before the two parts done, and each part is the first show to match, the speed Put a very slow afraid of himself to stay pit, did not expect the teacher to add a few wrong and usually with a little difference between the pre-allocated with the main route to prepare the path at 3:30 still not out of all the main route to go, thinking about the estimated to be linked , Anxious a little sweating, because 4:10 minutes to end, think about 40 minutes, sat for so many hours is not bad this moment, and then readjust look, halfway to a restroom to adjust the mood back to continue to find the problem , Finally found a problem at 3:52 points, all of a sudden the feeling of all-enveloping, all the phenomena are out, because of fear of interruption of their ideas Fragment no food at noon, out of the phenomenon was found to be hungry, eat A small bread drink a glass of water end session out of the examination room, the most important experience is: less than the last, do not give up! ! ! Exam preparation plus examination is a rather painful process, stuck in the examination room, the end of this process.