cisco routing and switching chapter 3 exam answers

cisco routing and switching chapter 3 exam answers

1 CCIE examination process (CCIE RS v5.0 LAB Dumps )
1.1 written examination (2 hours)
• Exam Code: 400-101
• test sites: any VUE test sites around the world (basically the second-tier cities across the country have VUE test sites)
• Test questions: multiple choice questions, multiple choice questions, drag the title
• Test scores: out of 1,000 points, 804 points PASS
1.2 LAB (8 hours)
Exam 3 module contents, TroubleShooting (fault troubleshooting), DIAG (fault diagnosis), CFG (configuration)
1.2.1 CCIE exam content module
TS (Troubleshooting) troubleshooting
Examine the ability to troubleshoot the network. Exam simulation network environment, such as a server can not access, so you find out the problem and solve. Change the module needs to be configured on the device.
DIAG (Diagnose) troubleshooting
Investigate network failure analysis capabilities. This module is no equipment operation, test room will give you network needs, problems, given the configuration of the device, log information, let you analyze the cause of the network failure. No module of this module can be configured.
CFG (Configuration) configuration:
Investigate the ability to build the network, the examination room given the demand, topology, completed in accordance with the requirements of the network to build. This module needs to be configured on the device.
1.2.2 CCIE LAB test time is 8 hours
1) TS (Troubleshooting) troubleshooting time can be up to 2.5 hours, you can also early to end the module test, such as 1.5H done, you can directly choose to end the module test into the next module.
2) The diagnosis of DIAG (Diagnose) is fixed for 0.5 hours and can not be terminated early.
3) CFG (Configuration) configuration of the test time is the total duration of 8 hours deducted TS and DIAG time.
CCIE RS v5.0 LAB Dumps Example:
TS for 1.5 hours, DIAG for 0.5 hours, CFG for 6 hours (8 hours -1.5 hours -0.5 hours = 6 hours)
TS for 2 hours, DIAG for 0.5 hour, CFG for 5.5 hours (8 hours -2 hours -0.5 hours = 5.5 hours)
TS for 2.5 hours, DIAG for 0.5 hour, CFG for 5 hours (8 hours - 2.5 hours - 0.5 hours = 5 hours)
Note: TS can take up to 2.5 hours
1.2.3 CCIE LAB test scores
The total score of 100 points, each module needs> = 80% to get the CCIE certificate.
1) TS (Troubleshooting) The total score for troubleshooting is 24 points, requiring that the module> = 20 points to pass the CCIE exam.
2) The diagnostic score of DIAG (Diagnose) is 6 points in total, and it is required that the module> = 4 points to pass the CCIE exam.
3) CFG (Configuration) configuration of the total score is 70 points, requiring the module> = 56 points to pass the CCIE exam.
Note: Candidates often have 3 modules showing pass, but failing to get CCIE because CCIE RSv5.0 exams pass as long as grade> = 60% but pass> = 80% to pass CCIE exam .
1.2.4 CCIE LAB examination room introduction
The CCIE LAB test has only 10 fixed exams around the world: research Triangle Park (the United States), San Jose (the United States), Sydney (Australia), Hong Kong (center), Beijing (center), Tokyo (day), Brussels , Sao Paulo (Palestine), Dubai (Afghanistan).
CCIE LAB exam China fixed test venue: Hong Kong and Beijing, in addition to the national statutory holidays, open daily
CCIE LAB Examination China Mobile Examination Room: Shanghai, Taiwan, Chengdu, Wuhan, convenient for local city candidates, usually one week a week, Shanghai is a quarterly opening week.
1.2.5 CCIE LAB exam fees
CCIE LAB exam China fixed test venue: Hong Kong CCIE LAB exam fee is 1600 US dollars, Beijing CCIE LAB exam cost is 10800 yuan.
CCIE LAB exam China Mobile Examination Room: Mobile exam exam fee is 1900 US dollars.
1 CCIE preparation process
1.1 CCIE LAB exam to prepare the content:
(1) TroubleShooting troubleshooting: 2 sets of topologies, TS1 TS2
(2) DIAG fault diagnosis: 8 sets,
(3) CFG configuration: 2 sets of topologies, H1 CFG, H1 + CFG, H2 CFG, H2 + CFG
1.2 CCIE LAB preparation schedule

1.3 CCIE LAB pro forma process