cisco routing and switching essentials

cisco routing and switching essentials
1 Cisco certification introduction
1.1 Cisco Cisco
l Cisco is the world's leading provider of network solutions. Cisco's name comes from San Francisco (San Francisco), where there is a world-famous Golden Gate Bridge.
l Cisco is the manufacturer, is the founder of the IT network. Most network engineers to recruit positions require candidates have Cisco certification.
1.2 Cisco Certification Introduction
Cisco certification is by the well-known network manufacturers - Cisco launched. Is the international authority in the field of Internet certification.
l Cisco certification is divided into three levels: CCNA (primary), CCNP (intermediate), CCIE (expert level)
Note: CCIE do not say "advanced", said expert level
CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Assistant Engineer
CCNP: Cisco Certified Network Engineer
CCIE: Cisco Certified Internet Expert
l CCIE certification is the United States Cisco company began in 1993 introduced the expert certification exam. Recognized by the world as the most authoritative IT industry certification, is the world's top areas of Internetworking certification.
l Passed the CCIE certification exam to obtain the only CCIE number in the world and is a permanent reservation. Harsh certification rules make CCIE one of the gold content in the IT industry, of course, has become one of the most respected, the most difficult to obtain one of the certificates, only more than 50,000 people hold CCIE certification (including CCIE all directions) .
l CCIE certification not only proves that your technology has reached the level of experts, recognized and affirmed by the industry, but also a symbol of honor, a manifestation of self-worth. CCIE certification has become the dream of every network technician
l Cisco certification has six directions
CCIE Routing & Switching: CCIE routing exchange direction (popular direction)
CCIE Collaboration: CCIE collaboration direction (voice voice direction)
CCIE Data Center: CCIE data center direction (popular direction)
CCIE Security: CCIE Security Directions (Top Directions)
CCIE Service Provider: CCIE operator direction
CCIE Wireless: CCIE wireless direction
In many directions of CCIE, 80% is the direction of CCIE routing exchange, because CCIE routing exchange direction is the network foundation, which is the first CCIE that many network engineers choose to test.

1.3 Cisco certification exam costs

1. Cost perspective: test CCNP certification, CCNA certification must first test. Examination CCIE certification does not need to test CCNA certification and CCNP certification, you can directly test CCIE certification. Can save 1225 US dollars (about 8430 yuan).
2. Gold content: CCNA, CCNP back to the library to obtain certification, low value, low gold content.
3. Can give some hiring requirements, high-paying positions require CCIE certification
1.4 Cisco Certification Re-certification
Re-certification is the examination to confirm the certificate holder's skills update. Candidates will receive a new certificate after passing the recertification exam, and their personal information within the Cisco Career Certification Tracking System will also be updated.
Popular, bidding projects, companies need to have certain qualifications, such as requiring the company to have the number of CCNA certified engineers, how many CCNP certified engineers, CCIE certified engineers, how many. Requirements of these certificates are in the period of validity. Businesses generally pay engineers to re-certification,
l CCNA re-certification: re-test a CCNA certification.
l CCNP Re-Certification: CCNA exams must be passed before CCNP (CCNA certificates can not be expired), otherwise no CCNA and CCNP certificates will be passed through CCNP! CCNP certification is valid for three years. To recertify, you must pass any of the three subjects in the CCNP Level Examination within the validity of the certificate, or pass an existing CCIE written test.
CCIE re-certification: CCIE certification within 3 years, take a CCIE written examination can be any one. If more than three years, need to test CCIE LAB
1.5 Cisco certification exam content
RS CCNA (200-125) Type: Multiple choice questions, drag the title, test questions test 50-60 examination
RS CCNP has three doors, routing, switching, troubleshooting.
l RS CCNP Routing (300-101) Type: Multiple choice questions, drag the title, test questions 45-65 exam questions
l RS CCNP exchange (300-115) Type: Multiple choice questions, drag the title, test questions Examination 30-40 questions
l RS CCNP troubleshooting (300-135) Type: Test questions examination room 15-25 questions
RS CCIE written test
RS CCIE first written examination, then test LAB.
l RS CCIE written examination (400-101) Type: Multiple choice questions, drag the exam questions test 100 questions, out of 1000 points, 804 points pass
CCIE written exam introduction:
Examination requirements: no qualifications, professional requirements.
Exam Code: 400-101
Exam fee: $ 400, certificate is limited to 18 months.
Exam time: 2 hours
Test scores: out of 1,000 points, 804 points passed the exam.
Exam questions: multiple choice questions, multiple choice questions and drag the title, a total of 100 questions.
Exam Location: Written exam some of the provincial capital cities in China or first-tier cities can test.
Appointment Examination: The appointment of CCIE written examination can be reserved by VUE. Applicants will be arranged by the teacher to make an appointment examination.
Note: Cisco certification exam can directly test CCIE, do not need to test CCNA, CCNP and then test CCIE, so you can save about 7100 yuan.
(1) exams need to carry two documents:
Documents with the need to meet: a class of documents + a class of documents or a class of documents + second-class documents
A class of documents (with photos, within the validity period)
1 ID card 2 passport 3 Hong Kong and Macau Pass 4 Taiwan compatriot 5 driver's license 6 military officer card 7 social security card
Two types of documents (in the period of validity)
1 credit card
2 front name, the back of the signature bank card or provident fund card
3 photo health insurance card
4 Identity is a student, stamp printed on the student ID card
5 Name, signature in the signature column work permit
Note: It is best to arrive half an hour in advance to test!
(2). Pre-test questionnaire, the subject is to ask how long you prepare for the exam, what you see textbooks, how do you know cisco, you are self-study or training, your home distance from the test center, your education level, These do not matter. However, if you are under 18 years of age, you must choose YES and ask if you do not agree with the CISCO agreement. Can not understand the examiner can pick up.
After the agreement, the bottom right corner of the questionnaire page END options, the test system automatically start extracting the title from the server, the title the day before the test center has been downloaded from Australia, stored in the server.
In front of the exam there is an animated demo to do questions, candidates can see, you can not see, candidates can use this time to adjust the mood. A few seconds later, the subject is drawn, the candidate can START, the official exam begins.
(3) In the CCIE written test is not allowed to repeat the problem did not do back in the past, so in the point of "NEXT" button, be careful not to click on a row in a row, so as not to have a direct connection over a problem.
RS CCIE LAB exam content
Exam 3 module contents, TroubleShooting (fault troubleshooting), DIAG (fault diagnosis), CFG (configuration)

1) TS (Troubleshooting) troubleshooting
Examine the ability to troubleshoot the network. Exam simulation network environment, such as a server can not access, so you find out the problem and solve. Change the module needs to be configured on the device.
2) DIAG (Diagnose) troubleshooting
Investigate network failure analysis capabilities. This module is no equipment operation, test room will give you network needs, problems, given the configuration of the device, log information, let you analyze the cause of the network failure. No module of this module can be configured.
3) CFG (Configuration) configuration:
Investigate the ability to build the network, the examination room given the demand, topology, completed in accordance with the requirements of the network to build. This module needs to be configured on the device.
RS CCIE LAB examination room introduction
The CCIE LAB test has only 10 fixed exams around the world: research Triangle Park (the United States), San Jose (the United States), Sydney (Australia), Hong Kong (center), Beijing (center), Tokyo (day), Brussels , Sao Paulo (Palestine), Dubai (Afghanistan).
CCIE LAB exam China fixed test venue: Hong Kong and Beijing, in addition to national statutory holidays, basically every day open
CCIE LAB Examination China Mobile Examination Room: Shanghai, Taiwan, Chengdu, Wuhan, convenient for local city candidates, usually one week a week, Shanghai is a quarterly opening week.
RS CCIE LAB exam fee
CCIE LAB exam China fixed test venue: Hong Kong CCIE LAB exam fee is 1600 US dollars, Beijing CCIE LAB exam cost is 10800 yuan.
CCIE LAB exam China Mobile Examination Room: Mobile exam exam fee is 1900 US dollars.
RS CCIE LAB test time
Exam time is 8 hours
1) TS (Troubleshooting) troubleshooting time can be up to 2.5 hours, you can also early to end the module test, such as 1.5H done, you can directly choose to end the module test into the next module.
2) The diagnosis of DIAG (Diagnose) is fixed for 0.5 hours and can not be terminated early.
3) CFG (Configuration) configuration of the test time is the total duration of 8 hours deducted TS and DIAG time.
TS for 1.5 hours, DIAG for 0.5 hours, CFG for 6 hours (8 hours -1.5 hours -0.5 hours = 6 hours)
TS for 2 hours, DIAG for 0.5 hour, CFG for 5.5 hours (8 hours -2 hours -0.5 hours = 5.5 hours)
TS for 2.5 hours, DIAG for 0.5 hour, CFG for 5 hours (8 hours - 2.5 hours - 0.5 hours = 5 hours)
Note: TS can take up to 2.5 hours
RS CCIE LAB test scores
The total score of 100 points, each module needs; = 80% to get the CCIE certificate.
1) TS (Troubleshooting) The total score for troubleshooting is 24 points, requiring that the module; = 20 points to pass the CCIE exam.
2) The diagnostic score of DIAG (Diagnose) is 6 points in total, and it is required that the module; = 4 points to pass the CCIE exam.
3) CFG (Configuration) configuration of the total score is 70 points, requiring the module; = 56 points to pass the CCIE exam.
Note: Candidates often have 3 modules showing pass, but failing to get CCIE because CCIE RSv5.0 exams pass as long as grade; = 60% but pass; = 80% to pass CCIE exam .

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