Successfully passed the ccie written test and lab method

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Successfully passed the ccie written test and lab method
"CCIE written test is very good, but Lab is not easy to pass, you need to have solid professional skills and skills, it is recommended to first go to the training center to conduct training, and then through professional closed centralized training and pre-test guidance.
First, self-study. In order to obtain CCIE certification through self-study, you must have more than two years of work experience, have sufficient time and energy, and have a perfect experimental environment. In addition, the most important thing is that you must have perseverance and perseverance. Do not give up faith.
Second, participate in training. Find a genuine training organization to take advantage of the amateur or concentrated time to participate in the training, make full use of the training equipment of the training institutions, in a good learning atmosphere, the students can not only exchange skills with each other, but more importantly, they can also get CCIE expert guidance from the training institutions. To improve learning efficiency, this is a way of doing more with less.