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CCIE R&S Written
Feb 13, 2018
CCIE R&S Written
CCIE R&S Written
Feb 13, 2018
CCIE R&S Written
Feb 13, 2018
CCIE R&S Written
Feb 13, 2018
CCIE R&S Written
Feb 12, 2018
CCIE Security Lab
Feb 11, 2018
CCIE Security Lab
CCIE R&S Written
Feb 9, 2018
CCIE R&S Written
CCIE R&S Written
Feb 9, 2018
CCIE R&S Written
CCIE Data Center Written
Feb 7, 2018
CCIE Data Center Written
CCIE R&S Written
Feb 6, 2018
CCIE R&S Written

ccie collaboration lab 3 solution

    CCIE Collaboration 400-051 Lab

    The lab exam is an eight-hour, hands-on exam which requires you to configure and troubleshoot a series of complex networks to given specifications. Knowledge of troubleshooting is an important skill and candidates are expected to diagnose and solve issues as part of the CCIE Collaboration lab exam.

1. Before SPOTO CCIE Collab LAB (Option for 0 Basic)

.CCNA Collab (Watch INE Video or others, 1 weeks)
.Option CCNP Collab (Watch INE Video or others, 2 weeks-8weeks)
.Option Finish IPX/360/INE Collab Workbook (4weeks -12weeks)
CCIE Collab Study:
◦ Network Infrastructure
◦ Cisco Unified Communications Manager Setup (CUCM)
◦ Device Registration
◦ Cisco IOS Gateways
◦ Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE)
◦ Regions and Locations
◦ Media Resources
◦ Static Dial Plan Routing
◦ Dynamic Dial Plan Routing
◦ Unified Mobility
◦ Dial Rules
◦ Users and LDAP
◦ Misc CUCM Features
◦ CUCM TRACES and Troubleshooting
◦ CUCM Express (CUCME)
◦ Unified Messaging – Unity Connection
◦ Unified Messaging – Unity Express
◦ Unified Contact Center Express
◦ Unified Presence
◦ Jabber
◦ Quality of Service (QoS)
◦ Lab Strategy

2. CCIE Collab LAB Exam Format

There is 6 phones on the desk of Cisco.(37lab provide Phone control and Local Support) All app and R&S are accessed remotely. 8’s Hours for LAB.

3. CCIE Collab LAB Examination Contenet:

Every steps: we will check that.

4. Example real LAB

Our Special Support Service:
Collab LAB1-3, we only provide teamview service, but now, we provide VPN Service, u just like in real exam.
Our VPN Service, just like real lab, maybe u are in SJ, Beijing, Dubai or other LAB, but BB device in Cisco CCIE LAB DataCenter.
Now, your home device in your home or office, and u can vpn connect our BB device.
Your Home Device List:
1、 Cisco ISR Router for vpn and L2TPV3:28xx,29xx routers
2、 Cisco POE Switch for trunk (show cdp nei, u can see our BB device):15W for phones.
3、 Cisco Phones
*9971*3 with Camera.
We only provide Teamview for Test. And after payment, We provide VPN Service.

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